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Further pictures and work details

Before we got the engine assembled, it took a bit of sorting out to see where everything went and what its function was. Because the engine was fitted with an indicator, there were a few items on the crankcase that were definitely not standard, and we had to make sure that we understood their function before we went ahead with a test run.

Ruston Indicator Drive Eccentric

This is a shot of the rear end of the crankcase, with the crankshaft in place and one bearing shell out for inspection. The opening-type ring oiler is laying on the Indicator eccentric, and the bearing itself is off to the right. The eccentric provides a reciprocating motion to drive the indicator drum by means of a cord between the end of the eccentric pull-rod and the Indicator Drum. Another picture shows the other end of this assembly. The eccentric roller is brought into play against the eccentric by the lever which is just out of shot on the lower left. This is locked in place for as long as the Indicator is required, all the pivots and turning parts being provided with oiler holes for lubrication. The aluminium pulley on the crankshaft is for the rev-counter drive. The rear covers for the bearing reservoir drain can be seen, one cover is off for cleaning.

A closer view of the eccentric and with the new flywheel fitted (in red oxide primer, not the finished colour!)

Ruston Linkage

A shot of the rear of the cylinder at BDC or near, the piston is out of the bore by a fair amount, and there can be seen a water rust mark on the piston skirt. The picture is not clear enough, but there are the original machining marks on the piston skirt, which are more obvious at a better resolution. The con-rod is round in section, a bit of a throw-back to the early engine days.

Ruston Injection Pump

A side/front corner shot, showing the exhaust rocker (lower) with the extension to allow hand use as a decompressor. The half-compression cam can be seen on the main cam to the right hand side, the small cam 'bump'. There is only one cam on the sideshaft, both valves being operated by this cam in common with a lot of older engines.

Ruston rear View

A square-on rear shot, showing most of the crankshaft items including the new flywheel. The Indicator eccentric follower roller is engaged with the eccentric, the lever in the foreground being in the vertical or engaged position. Following the rod from the eccentric, the spring and housing for the rest of the linkage can be seen in the top distance at the front of the engine. The tube running out of the end of the base is the oil drain for the crankcase. The two holes above it are for the crankshaft cover.

Ruston Side View

General side view, the trolley members are 150mm high or 6" to give a scale for the engine. The new flywheel is in place on the far side of the engine. The box sections below the main frame are 100mm square or about 4".

Ruston Casting Flaw

Just to prove that everything wasn't perfect!!

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