Lister 5/1 Diesel

Ruston-Hornsby 1ZHR

Even More Trolley Stuff

The air start "compressor to be" after a bit of WD40 and rag has worked its magic. Rated at 23bar (333psi) maximum
it would be more than sufficient to provide air for starting the Ruston. A suitable tank and valves have to be procured.

Compressor with its drive pulley fitted. The lighting/colour change between the two pictures
suggests that the camera had not adjusted to the flourescent lighting in the top picture.

The trolley chassis for the Ruston after returning from the powder coaters. The two axles are laid in place for the photograph,
the rear axle (farthest away from the camera) has to have two spacing pads to make it the same height as the front axle which has
the turntable discs between itself and the chassis crossmembers. Note that the trolley chassis is inverted.

Close up of the turntable and the locking holes for the steering and one of the hinge plates for the towing handle.
The front rope hooks are also in the shot, six in total are welded to the frame.

End shot of the trolley chassis showing the turntable discs and the open ends of the main frame members.
The white inside the ends is the Zinc overspray. The M30 bolt/pivot pin is hanging down inside
the middle, and the engine support cross-members can also be seen.

One of the axle stubs in the vice while the bearing caps are sorted out. The stub diameter is 1.25", a common size for both roller
bearings and needle bearings used in small industrial wheels. The stamped numbers are the protrusion of the shaft after the wheel is fitted.

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