Lister 5/1 Diesel

Ruston-Hornsby 1ZHR

Electric Dynamometer

This unit is an electric dynamometer that we acquired some time ago, before the Ruston 1ZHR horizontal diesel engine turned up. It is from the same engine type and came out of a thermodynamics laboratory in a college. The unit consists of a steel and alloy framework (the front panel is the machined face of a large alloy casting) with a large BKB Dynamo mounted in swinging bearings, the body of which is attached to the Salter spring balance on the right hand side of the picture.

The front panel has the following instruments and fittings:-

1) Exhaust temperature gauge (left hand side) reading to 650 Degrees C.The capillary pipe is broken on this unit.

2) Fuel metering/measuring tank (to the right of the temp gauge but the assembly was off due to a broken glass when I took the picture)

3) Main oval shaped fuel tank on top of the frame, with pipework going to the metering tank.

4) Mechanical rev totaliser reading from 000000 to 999999, engaged by sliding the body along a couple of studs to engage the counter drive, this is
at the right hand side just below the dial rev counter hole. The cable comes in from the right hand side and off the right hand end of the dynamo.

5) Conventional rev counter, removed when we got the unit for safe keeping, the hole shows where it should be.

6) Spring balance with adjusting handwheel above (on edge in this shot so not so obvious)

Dynamometer 10

General front view, low definition digital pic.

The dynamo is a 7kW at 1800 rpm, 2500 rpm maximum, 220V at 31.8 amps, compound wound unit, rated continuously. The enclosure is of the open, ventilated type, shunt resistor is given as 150 ohms at 0.5 amps. We have no connection data at present, but we do have a BKB instruction leaflet from a rally stall some years ago.

Weight is about 650lbs, and it is about 4ft high, 2ft X 2 ft square.

Dynamometer 2

Close up of the dynamo label. Enhanced figures courtesy of Tom Martin

Dynamometer 11

Close up of the revolution totaliser. A sliding dog clutch on the right hand end engages the cable drive
by means of the whole assembly moving bodily to the right on two rails behind the unit.

Dynamometer 8

Close up of the multi-groove drive pulley. Diameter is about 6", width about 1.75"

Dynamometer 17

View of the control panel, the sliding arrangement for the rev totaliser can be seen a bit more clearly, the chrome wheel sets the position of the
pointer on the spring balance scale. The fuel metering tank base is sticking out of the control panel, the unit is about 8" high with a cylindrical
Pyrex glass tube to show the fuel against the engraved measure. The cylindrical knob in front of the chrome handwheel is the locking knob.

Dynamometer 14

Another view of the right hand side of the control panel,

Dynamometer 18

View of the generator and the spring balance. The movement of the balance is
restricted by a second beam alongside the balance beam just below the balance itself.

Dynamometer 19

Another, closer View of the generator and the spring balance. Scale is in Newtons.

Dynamometer 13

LH Side view showing the drive pulley, the cooling slots in the dynamo frame, the connection box on top of
the dynamo and the temperature gauge sensing bulb and capillary tube which has to be repaired.

Dynamometer 12

RH Side view showing the gearbox for the two rev counters and the beam (dark colour) that transmits the body movement of the dynamo to the
spring balance. The gimbal bearing is in the housing behind the blue chassis plate through which the drive to the cable gearbox passes..

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