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Ruston 1ZHR Diesel

More Engine Pictures

Ruston 1ZHR running in March 2002 No1

One of those days when the weather was fine and dry, and I had a bit of time to get the engine unsheeted and started.
The fuel in the small tank had to be changed before it would fire, but it ran OK after that. The only incident was the
loss of the flywheel key in the new flywheel, with a pit stop to replace it.

Ruston 1ZHR running in March 2002 No2

Another picture from the side. The temporary fuel tank is out of shot, up on the gantry above the engine.

Ruston 1ZHR running in March 2002  No3

Everthing whizzing around !! Only about 375rpm, but it looks a lot faster. The unguarded
crankshaft throws a lot of oil spots about, and the guard would normally be on the engine.

Ruston 1ZHR close-up of governor linkage 1

Close up of the governor linkage on the injection pump.

Ruston 1ZHR close-up of governor linkage 2

The fine speed adjustment on the other side of the pump. The bend in the threaded rod was there before we bought the engine!

Ruston 1ZHR close-up of governor linkage 3

The main (coarse) speed adjustment below the governor and injection pump.

Ruston 1ZHR big-end close-up (engine stationary)

Close up of the big-end assembly, which is quite massive for an engine of this horsepower.
Must add the split pins one day!

Ruston 1ZHR main bearing oiler ring hinged joint

The engine stopped with the ring oiler hinged joint just showing in the main bearing filler cap hole.

Ruston 1ZHR General view, off the trolley chassis 1

The engine, off the trolley while work continues.

Ruston 1ZHR general view, off the chassis 2

Another view of the engine, sitting on blocks while the trolley is painted etc.

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