Lister 5/1 Diesel

Ruston 1ZHR Diesel

More Trolley Work

Ruston Trolley Chassis

Start of work - the chassis has been dragged out from under the engine and hauled up to the workshop
door level, where it is laid out upside-down to get the front axle pivot bush welded in place. The G clamp is
holding the bush in the front cross-beam in place while I hunt for the arc welder. The under-chassis strapping
hooks show up well in this shot, six are fitted in total, close-up in the next picture but one.

Ruston Trolley Chassis

Close-up of the pivot bush in place, ready for welding. Only a small bead of weld was used, as we only wanted to stop
the bush rotating, it cannot move up or down as there are turntable plates on one end and a nut and washer the other.
The hole is 30mm diameter to give an idea of scale.

Ruston Trolley Chassis Lashing Points

Weld-on lashing point, one of six on the chassis. These are proprietary items that were bought in,
they have a flat surface on one leg to enable correct positioning before welding. Diameter of the
bar is 9/16" or 14mm. The welding is not my own work!

Ruston Trolley Chassis Axle Inserts

View of two axle inserts after they were removed from the box section axles. These are 40mm square
Mild Steel bar, turned down to 1.25" diameter and bolted with two 12mm bolts through the box section. The holes in the
axle to the left are one of the mounting holes for the insert and the other is the 5/8" hole for the axle to frame mounting.

Ruston Trolley Chassis Front Axle & Turntable

The front turntable discs (one is below the axle disc) after the steering locking bolt holes were drilled.
The Teflon disc which sits between the two discs is shown on another picture. The lower disc
has to be welded to the chassis frame so the locking bolt locks the front axle in the dead-ahead position.

Ruston Trolley Chassis

The chassis with both axles on and the Teflon disc about to be assembled between the front axle
and chassis turntable discs. The mounting pads for the rear axle nearest the camera will be larger
in diameter on the final assembly.

Ruston Trolley Chassis

The 14" diameter by 1/16" thick woven laminate Teflon disc, laying on the front axle before a trial fit.

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