Lister 5/1 Diesel

Zenith Carburettor Handbook

Zenith Carburetor (Baverey's System) 13th Edition April 1923

This is a transcript of the Zenith-Detroit Company's handbook of "Instructions for Operating & Adjusting" for Zenith carb's in use in the 1920's. To keep as much of the original graphic material we have scanned only the drawings and illustrations, the text being typed in to save space. The printing quality is not that good, and we have compromised at 175dpi as a reasonable resolution. The graphics background colour is from the paper used in the booklet.

Select from the following pages:-

Page 2-4 • The Zenith Principle Page 5 • "Important to Zenith Users"
Pages 5-7 • Adjusting the Zenith Page 7-8 • General Instructions
Page 8 • Engine Starting Problems Page 9 • Difficulties with Idling
Page 9-10 • Pulling Away & Poor Pick-Up Pages 11/12 • Lack of Top Speed & Knocking
Page 12 • Poor Consumption & Hill Climbing Pages 13-14 • Overheating & Fuel Leakage
Page 14-15 • Adjusting Float Level & Cleaning Carb

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