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USA Trip #7 - San Francisco

Our Trip to California Oct 2006

After a busy year and some bereavements in both our families, we decided to take a quick vacation, and California is a favourite destination for us both. Tim & Sally, our friends who lived in California were now in Arizona, and we arranged to meet up with them in the middle of the holiday. Sadly, Sally was taken seriously ill and had to go into hospital. She is better now, and we have arranged to see them at Portland in August of 2007.

We had a great week or so, the weather treated us very well indeed, and apart from the very first day, the rest of it was excellent, and the last 3 days were unbelievably nice. We did a lot of driving, also we spent a lot of time on the SFO Muni transport system which worked very well for us as visitors, and we usually travelled outside the regular rush-hour times.

The pictures are grouped by location or interest. Most days we did a variety of things which revolved around where we were. The out of town locations like Blackhawk and the Heidrick Museum were given extra time because of the travelling, but generally we were back at the motel most days by 5pm.

Our pictures this trip were by Sony Mavica camera as per usual, but instead of the larger Mavica FD-97 which I prefer to use, the airline baggage restrictions that were introduced after the security scare earlier in the year, meant that a smaller camera and laptop would be needed, so I brought along a Mavica CD-300 which my younger son picked up for me in Holland, and swapped my IBM Thinkpad laptop for a much smaller Toshiba Libretto. Both worked flawlessly on the trip, the motel had Wi-Fi free internet connection and the images we took were saved to the laptop each day and the CD's kept as backup.


Superb machinery, difficult photography due to low lighting and cramped displays, but always worth a visit.

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