Lister 5/1 Diesel

Nuenen Rally 2012

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After three weeks of miserable May weather in the UK, things started to warm up nicely, and by the week of our trip we were intp the low 20's and lots of sunshine. Philip had gone before us, but this time by bike, he was cycling and camping out for two weeks, before meeting up with us at Nuenen.

This year the new trailer had its kitchen and shower room fully working, although we had a few odds and ends to sort out. The drive to Harwich was smooth, we had a night crossing so got into Holland at 07.45. We had arranged to visit a private engine collection en-route, which was rather nice, and then we rolled on down to Nuenen.

Once at Nuenen, we found Philip, rather sun-tanned after his 400+ miles of cycling, and we got the engine off and the trailer relocated to the camping area. Being earlier than in previuous years was a better arrangement and gave us more time for setting up etc.

Next day we were up early and got the engine sorted out and running. The weather was perfect, really nice clear blue skies and it stayed that way for the whole of the trip. Many thanks again to Anton, Bas, Gerrit and the crew for a great show.

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