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Nuenen Rally 2010

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After two superb years in 2008 and 2009, with excellent weather and facilities, we were off again on the 21st May for the 2010 Nuenen Engine show, its second year at the new location. We left home at 5.00am, Martin Perman joined us again for the trip, and arrived at our place about 04.15, so an early start for him. Our youngest son had already made the trip the night before, and was already at Harwich waiting for us.

The drive to Harwich was uneventful, we met up with Philip just outside the port and get booked in. Trip over the North Sea was very calm and quiet, we also had a cabin so we could all have a snooze after the early start! Once at Nuenen, we got unloaded and the tents set up, and were all ready for a bit of sleep at 10.30pm.

Next day we were up early and got the engines sorted out and running. The weather was perfect and we had a fantastic weekend, with good engines, good friends and good weather.

Thanks to Bert Juffer for additional information and corrections to the captions.

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