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Root & Vandervoort

On our visit to Australia a couple of years ago we stayed with Reg & Marg Ingold for a few days, and had a great time looking at various places, talking with friends and colleagues of Reg & Marg and generally having a good time. One of the places we went to was Howard Prior's house, where we had a guided tour of Howards engine collection.

One of the newer acquisitions was the large engine shown below, which was used as a garden ornament before Howard bought it and hauled it home on his trailer. It was all sheeted up when we arrived, but Howard was kind enough to let us take some pictures while we were there.

After our visit ended, the engine changed hands, and was bought by Patrick Livingstone, who lives in Leichardt, Sydney. We called in to see Patrick briefly before we travelled up to Newcastle to see Reg & Marg, and also got acquainted with Shannon, Patrick's dog. Patrick wrote regularly to the engine lists about the restoration of the engine, and while we followed the work, we did not realise that this was the same engine. Only this year (2001) did the penny drop, by which time the engine was running and repainted. Patrick and his engine are shown below, although Shannon is not in the picture.

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