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Pictures from Spanish Trip No1

On the last day of our stay in Spain on the first trip, we got lost round a factory estate near the camp site, and suddenly came across this engine, sitting outside a council yard. The engine was on one side of the gate and a big water pump the other side. We asked for permission to take some pictures, and we were told to help ourselves, and were also asked to come inside the compound so that we could get close-up shots, very thoughtful of our hosts!.

What follows is a selection of eight (!) pictures, showing most of the detail of the engine. It was made in Leipzig, Germany in the 1920's, and was presumably exported to Spain for working a pump (maybe the one by the gate) or generator. We got more information from Wouter Van Gulik in Holland, and later found out that Ray Gillett in Australia has one of these engines.

The engine dates from about 1922, and pre-dates the Lister engines by a few years. The fuel pump is recognisably the same as the BPF series that was standard fittings on most single cylinder diesels up to the 1950's, and which spawned a huge range of larger pumps for locomotive and marine engine use, with one pump per cylinder on the bigger engines.

Reform Diesel View #1

It's a busy looking machine, this view shows the Bosch injection pump in the front/left foreground, while the oil lubricator with its little cranking handle is on the right of the engine. The two housings on either side are not scavenge pumps as we originally thought, and may be oil or water pockets. The engine mountings suggest other applications, and the literature we obtained does mention maritime uses for this and others in the range.

Reform Diesel Pumps Close-Up

Close-up of the rotary lubricator, showing the shaft boss on the side and the governor linkage to the fuel injection pump in the background. We could not establish if the boss on the casing was for a starting handle, or the function of the red button to its left, but the button looks like a stop control, working on the governor linkage. The little cranking handle we assume was for pre-start oil pumping to get oil round the engine. The two pushrods can just be seen at the top of the picture,

Reform Diesel Side View

A side-on shot, showing the pushrods and valve gear (a close up of the valve gear follows) the reservoir which we assume is for lubricating oil (there is no sump as such) the flywheel and drive pulley and the exhaust port. The little can thing hanging off the water connection to the cylinder head we assume is a fuel filter. The inlet filter is the black thing just in shot at the top.

Reform Diesel Three-Quarter View

A three-quarter view, showing more of the pushrods and the air inlet filter at the top. The air filter seems to work by spinning the air as it enters and throwing the dirt out to one side.

Reform Diesel Cyl Head Close-Up 1

Close-up view of the exhaust port and the valve gear. The funny-looking double-rocker arrangement looks like a decompressor device, but we couldn't confirm it at the time. There is a leaf stuck in between the valves, didn't notice it at the time!! You can also see the bypass water link casting on the right hand side, passing water up from the barrel to the head. No water appears to run through the head/barrel joint.

Reform Diesel Cyl Head Close Up 2

Another (closer) view of the valve gear from the exhaust side. The injector is off on the right, the four cylinder head nuts and studs are in black, the hex boss in the foreground we assume is a casting core blank, or it could be a water connection. The device between the pushrods is possibly a glow plug, as there doesn't seem to be any cold starting aids other than what appears to be a choke on the inlet manifold underneath the inlet filter. Notice the extra springs for the pushrods.

Reform Diesel Cyl Head Close Up 3

Cylinder head close-up from the injector side, showing what looks like an inlet air shutter, the presumed water connection on the left in between two head nuts, the Bosch injector in the immediate foreground and on the injector front, the main inlet with the leak-off above, plus the feeler pin hole in the top of the injector.

Reform Diesel General View

Last view, notice that the 'reservoir' on this side has not filler cap, the covers on the governor housing side for the shaft bearings carrying motion to the oil pump and the lubricator pipes to the cylinder bore.

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