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Diter 15hp Diesel

Some Information and pic's

Collected and brought home from Spain in October 1997

A bit of information about this engine, which is a locally produced diesel engine made by Diter SA (Now Deutz-Diter SA) in a factory close to a town called Zafra in mid-eastern Spain. A brief record of the trip can be found here: • Engine Hunting in Espana

Diter Engine on the Scrap Heap

First picture is the engine itself, sat in a huge pile of scrap agricultural material at the back of the local tractor agent in Santo Domingo. The engine was a bit bruised, but was a make which I had not heard of, so we haggled for a while over the price, and eventually agreed on about £130, or $US190. It was a fairly expensive acquisition, but there was always the chance of more engines from this guy if he was happy with this first deal. It took an hour or so of pidgin Spanish/English to do the deal, and we had bought ourselves an engine!

Diter Engine on the Trailer 1

We collected it the next day, but had problems with loading the engine, as the trolley was absolutely rotten and I would not take it with that attached. The crane they had at the tractor dealers was inside only, and after a bit of discussion we took the trailer down to the back of the shop and brought up a hydraulic crane which ran off the 3-phase workshop supply. Once loaded, we returned to the campsite to incredulous stares from everyone! The campsite owners were a bit bemused, but were very good about the whole thing and said nothing, in fact we got a big discount and a bottle of wine when we left, so must have done something right. This shot is the engine back at the campsite (we were towing a trailer so had to camp for the two weeks of the trip) The engine is serial no 722, rated at 15hp at 1000 rpm. The engine is obviously radiator cooled, the exhaust is rather neat, coming apart vertically for cleaning etc.

Diter Engine on the Trailer 2

The other side of the engine, showing fuel tank, air cleaner (oil bath) fuel filter and the little starting wick holder just in view this side of the exhaust. The starting handle seems to be ½X engine speed, as it seems to fit on the end of the camshaft on the timing housing (a bit blacked out in this picture) The cast rocker cover had a hole in it with a sheet metal patch, but it all turned over and nothing was broken, just rusty.

Diter Engine on the Trailer 3

The engine and trailer in the evening October sunlight, showing its size quite well, plus a good idea of the size of the trailer tailgate, for those who have followed the trailer saga over the years. The campsite at Navarette, near Logrono had the best washing/shower facilities we have seen, and while not cheap was very fairly priced.

Diter Engine Top Half

Close-up of the top of the engine, with the name embossed on the block, the little starting wick handle, the exhaust (without the pipe) the air cleaner and the radiator which was held together with wire.

The engine has been dismantled to sort out a problem with the engine governor linkage and the fuel injection system. Apart from that, most repairs are for the radiator and the fuel tank. The radiator support and the engine mounting feet are huge castings, adding to the weight. Hope to post some more later.

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