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We have been contacted by Jan Wegter in the Netherlands who is the owner of the Brons engine archive from the factory at Appingeham, and he has given permission for us to add a link to the Brons web page. Jan is a member of the Brons Foundation, with a collection of 15 Brons engines. We have put a page of four pictures up, see the link at the bottom of the page, pictures supplied by Ad Langelaar who operates the Brons website.

Jan's email is reproduced below:-

My name is Jan Vegter, and am the owner of the Archive from the Brons engine factory in Appingedam, Netherlands. I have found your page, and it is very interesting. I hope you will put the pictures from the White-Brons engine soon on your page, because I have no information on that type of engine. When you need some information about Brons, please let me know. I am also a member of the Brons foundation, and at this moment we have 15 Brons engines in the collection.

There is also a Brons link on the internet in both Dutch and English versions. You can go directly to it from here:- Brons I am very interested in pictures of the White-Brons engine, I have also written to the local newspaper on the isle of Wright, if some one could help me with some more pictures from the White-Brons engine I would be very grateful.


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