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To get the roof works on a bit further, I started to get the roof vents sorted out. There are two with extraction fans, one over the shower/bathroom and one over the kitchen area. It's a simple enough job to cut a hole, but the subsequent priming and painting was slowed up due to the relatively low outdoor temperatures and the shorter days/darker evenings.

All went well and the mushroom vent was in place pretty quickly, and I left it for a week before checking it was OK.

Cutting and painting the shower extraction vent hole

Cutting and painting the shower extraction vent hole

Mushroom vent Sikaflexed to the roof

The twilight hours give the pictures a blue tinge.

The roof had been cleaned off as far as I could get round with the stepladder, it was heavily coated with algae and Lichen, plus a lot of road dirt and overspray from previous repaints. The new mushroom vent is towards the front on the right.

Partly cleaned roof

Cyan circles show the vent positions on the roof plan.

Fully cleaned roof! Had to move the pile of stuff that came out of the roof before I could get down the side.

The sealing plate is quite visible on the roof, and there will be two more fitted before we fit the solar panels. The blanking plates aren't leaking yet, but will eventually rust through.

Next up were the solar panels, and we initially got two up on the roof to see how they fitted in with the roof pressing, which had a multitude of hills and valleys.

Two panels in position

Close-up of the two panels

Junction box positioned

Inner edge of the panels showing the 'lumps and bumps'

Inner edge of the panels showing the 'lumps and bumps'

Shot showing the tapered height of some parts of the roof

Having sorted out the first positions, I ordered the unequal aluminium angle from Aalco, along with the 6" X 3" channel we needed for the engine loading ramps.

While we were waiting, I got the solar panel connection boxes drilled and assembled. Each box covers two panels and contains one blocking diode for each panel.

Inside the roof-mounted connection boxes.

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