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Started on getting the interior stripped out tonight, the main panel in the ceiling was the target, plus the insulation that was behind it.

Front section of roof removed

The main panel is two sheets of 6mm ply with thin ribbed Black carpet stuck to it. That made finding some of the screws a bit of a game, but generally it came away OK. Once the centre joint was unscrewed and the carpet cut it was fairly easy to get the two sheets out.

Looking towards the back

The trim over the surround for the skylight had screws carpeted over, but once that was discovered it was the first piece to go.

All of the ceiling insulation

The roof itself is fine, no rust and the paintwork looks in very good condition. The insulation slabs weren't thick enough to fill the cavities above the ceiling.

Looking at the rear roof and back doors

Rear roof fan vent, due to be removed soon

Up inside the Mercedes again tonight, took out the n/s top trim panel and fittings.

Bit of a fight, the bottom of the panel which is 4.5metres long and dovetailed between the body pillars is fixed against the van side with what I call 'number plate tape', double-side black adhesive tape. Two runs of that and in addition it is screwed into the top of the window frames all the way down.

All out now, it is aluminium so a few pennies for scrap

I've got to start moving all of the caravan parts out before I do any more, with me moving about and large pieces of material in the air, things are getting knocked about.

Removed parts, ceiling panels against the fence, top corner panels on the floor

Top corners removed on one, looking towards the back nearside corner

Entrance at the front, door pivot mechanism bottom right of centre

Wider angle view of the interior

Strange bit of metal poorly welded. at the front by the entrance

The last picture is a strange bit of steel, poorly welded in. Not quite sure why they couldn't have riveted it in, no weight on it.

Roof supports are not all the same distance apart, 540, 640 and 840mm, insulation depth is 60mm near as dammit.

Another evening, another lump of trim to come out.....

Note that one window had badly rusted metal above it, looks like the bonding has failed and water has been leaking in all these years.

The pile of scrap grows bigger!

Almost everything out now

Better picture than previous one

Badly rusted metal above the window, bonded in window had leaked

Working on more interior lamps.

Under the cupboards we will have two downlighters, both ex-flourescent twin-tube types with LED's fitted.

We only had one in the donor caravan, plus four singles and two larger but with one flange end missing off one of them, so looked on the web and found a used one to match ours, so that's on the way.

Usual job to convert, strip out the old tubes and inverter, clean up, stick spacers onto the displays and then stick the whole thing to the backplate.

Single LED Cluster, glued in place

Empty casing and front lens

Single LED Cluster, close-up view

First one wired up!

Single LED Cluster, running at low voltage to show the triple LED's

Running at low voltage

Running with cover in place

Finished early today and tomorrow looks like a good day to get some time up on the roof of the Mercedes to get some cleaning up done and fit the vents.

I got the stepladder out as soon as we got home (2 minutes walk from the factory) and got up on top. The surface is like sandpaper! A combination of dirt and other stuff combining in a film.

I expected it to be a pain to clean off, but in fact it was quite easy, washing up liquid and a pot scourer and it came off relatively easily, leaving firm hard paint underneath.

I then tackled the fan vent which must be 8" higher than the roof! Stupidly high. Three screws and the top was off, four woodscrews and the base was able to be released from the roof. Lots of sealer and the remains of a rubber gasket.

Once that was off it took a little while to clean it all up, the laminated spacer block underneath is still in place as I can't release that from the ceiling at present.

Once that was all done I cleaned the faces with Meths then applied three beads of Sikaflex 221 white, one thick bead just outside the hole in the roof, and two concentric beads on the 9" stainless steel disc that had been cut for the job.

By the time I had finished it was too dark for decent pictures, but I got one flash shot:

Roof after cleaning the immediate area

Stainless plate sealed in place

There's a nice bead of Sikaflex round the outer and inner edges, and I've left two boxes of tiles on top overnight so it settles down nicely.

Hope I don't have to take it off again!

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