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Latest layout as of the 24th October. Small detail continues to be added or amended, latest bits are the bathroom door position and the Propex heater which is going under the seat at the front, more or less over the top of the LPG tanks position, although the exhaust routing takes it well clear.

Main floor plan

Lighting came under the spotlight as it were, with one of the bus luminaires being fitted out with eight LED clusters instead of the single flourescent tube that was there before. Each cluster is fixed to two nylon pillars which allows air to flow around the assembly.

First luminair after wiring

The spacers are Araldited to the casing and after 20 minutes were wired up.

Individual LED clusters with spacers fixed on

Luminaire running at reduced power without the cover on. Too much infra-red light screws the camera sensor up

Once tested we found a colour cast in the two centre LED's and had to change them. Then we could try a run.

All eight LED's powered up

We wired the LED's in two banks of four to allow reduced output. That worked well, we have got some rocker switches coming that should allow us to select one or two banks of LED's.

Four out of eight powered up

Got out the LPG multivalves for the two tanks and took some pictures with labels for the forums. Considerable confusion exists in the minds of people about what is actually on the tank, so here it is:

Multivalve 1

Multivalve 2

Going back to the Mercedes chassis, we have been working on getting new tyres, and the spare wheels shotblasted and repainted:

New tyres at the factory 1

New tyres at the factory 2

New tyres at the factory 3

The seat base fixings for the front passenger seat were welded up, two pieces of 25mm X 40mm angle were welded each side of the foot after the rollers and seat adjustment lock had been removed:

Top runner has had rollers and guides taken off, bottom one is original

Both runners after welding of the feet

Underside where the foot and the angles are welded

Close-up of the welding, done by our son Philip

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