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As with the trailer build, we bought a donor caravan to strip out all the parts we needed, mainly cooker, fridge, water heater, oven, toilet and a load of useful odds and sods that always cost a small fortune when you go to buy them. The one we bought had been damaged by a blowout on one wheel, and had water damage as well, so was uneconomical to repair.

Abbey Lancaster donor caravan

Abbey Lancaster donor caravan interior 1

Abbey Lancaster donor caravan interior 2

Abbey Lancaster donor caravan interior 3

It took us a few evenings of work to strip out what we needed, then it was given to the local scrapyard for free to dispose of. We could have broken it up ourselves and sold the running gear etc., but our experience of the previous one taught us that it was a lot of hard time-consuming work for little return.

When that was over, we had a big pile of parts and fittings.

Parts from the caravan 1

Parts from the caravan 2

Parts from the caravan 3

Parts from the caravan 4

Parts from the caravan 5

The bed/seat cushions in particular fitted well with our plans in terms of size, and the main kitchen unit is intended to go in in one piece, as it came out of the caravan. We just have some small bits of woodwork to do on the framing where it is missing due to a wheelarch being in the way.

The layout of the new van has been chucked backwards and fowards over the past few months, the latest one is here:

Main floor plan

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