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Having got a spare wheel carrier, we now needed a wheel and tyre, and after looking at a number of options, including new wheel etc we found a seller on ebay with six wheels and tyres for less than the price of a new single wheel and tyre.

Stack of wheels and tyres as advertised on ebay

One was very good and was immediately fitted to the n/s front on the bus, three were too worn to keep and the remaining two were usable with a decent amount of tread. We stripped the tyres off the wheels (local tyre place) and sent the wheels away to be shotblasted and painted.

In the meantime we had done the last two shows of the season and had our three weeks in the USA, house-sitting for our good friend while he went to see his father in Australia. Once back we commenced buying again, and picked up four new tyres for the rear wheels:

New Yokohama tyres as advertised on ebay

New Yokohama tyres as advertised on ebay

New Continental tyre as advertised on ebay

The wheels have got to be collected this week (w/c 20th October) and we can then get all of the bits down to the tyre place and get them fitted.

Next up was the seating for passengers. We had decided that the bus seats wouldn't be comfortable enough for long trips and looked around for a double seat that we could fit into the bus without too much trouble. Looking on ebay we found that Mazda Bongo rear seats fitted the bill nicely, although the seat belt anchorages as sold left a bit to be desired.

New front seat

New front seat

New front seat

New front seat

The seat mountings had to be modified as they came with long runners which we didn't need, and we wanted to make up fixed high-level seat belt anchorages which could be bolted through the floor to the chassis. They came with the inertia reel mechanism bolted to the feet of the seat, but that allowed the seat back to take the weight in the event of a collision, which it wasn't designed to do.

Seat belt anchorages as supplied

We bought the steel box section and angle before we went away, but didn't have time to cut it up before we left. As we didn't know we would be taking the floor out at that time, this saved us some unnecessary waste and time. We did get both feet modified though.

Top runner has had rollers and guides taken off, bottom one is original

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