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H3> We were now able to start the engine reliably, we realised that the batteries were shot, but as with a couple of other things on the vehicle, the seller had been very economical with the truth. There was no ignition switch or steering lock fitted, just a couple of switches on the dashboard. Some of the under-dash trim was hacked about and we ended up spending quite a bit of money for new parts.

We next turned to getting the seats out. We had done a few of them by ourselves (me and Rita) but the rest needed another person and probably a grinder/cutter to get the rusted bolts out. Many were too long and had left a long rusty thread out in the area under the van, so many had to be cut off.

Our first seat removal session

Seats out of the back of the bus

View towards the front, under the seats

Side view at the back

Side view at the back

We got Philip to come up one evening with his little generator and a grinder/cutter, and we made fairly short work of getting the rest of the seats out. We also had to remove a lot of cabling and piping associated with the bus heater, and remove the T-pieces in the engine heater circuit.

Hoses (in insulation) and wheelchair hoist cables

The cabin heater connections were rusted through completely

All seating out, driver's seat waiting to go back

Looking forwards from the rear doors

At the front we had removed the last of the bus handrails, which tidied it up

No spare wheel carrier, spare wheel, jack or wheelbrace came with the vehicle, and in fact no carrier was ever fitted as far as I could see, so I was lucky to find a new take-off carrier on ebay up near Thetford. A new one was pretty much out of reach in a price basis.

Vario Spare Wheel Carrier as bought

It comprises a winch and a cross-beam, plus there is a large clamping bar that takes the wheel weight once the wheel is up in place. We don't have that bar, but have the rest of it.

Vario Spare Wheel Carrier as bought

Once we had time, the carrier was offered up and fitted perfectly, just the winch unit needs positioning and fixing in place. Holes were already in the chassis for this to be bolted up.

The carrier in place under the chassis. White marks are dust highlighted by the flash

We hadn't looked at the body much yet, but one item that is going to need sorting is the side skirts. They are not particularly good and have some poorly repaired damage. They also restrict access under the vehicle, especially if there is a flat tyre, so they will be off as soon as we get a few hours to do it.

Side skirt on the off side, exhaust hits the skirt

Another view of the side skirting

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