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3rd April 2015

Lousy weather day, but managed a couple of jobs in the Mercedes.

First was making up the adapter for the second roof vent (kitchen extractor) and then I had to position the cupboard lining through which the extraction fan duct runs to mark out and cut the 4" hole.

I was a wee bit out, but not by anything significant, so after a bit of a struggle with the two lining sheets it all popped into place, complete with top and bottom trims.

The liner sheets are not fixed in place, they are held by their own tension under bending, so no need for screws or glue.

The vent pipe will have a standard bit of convoluted air duct hose to take the air from the extraction fan. I'll probably have a go at the main cupboard panels next.

3rd April 2015

Had a fairly successful afternoon in the Mercedes, after a fairly lazy morning!

I cleared up the lighting wiring round the skylight and fed it behind the ceiling to over by the door where the main switch will be, that left me clear to do the trim around the skylight aperture.

Fiddly job as I had to mitre the corners and also trim one side of each piece along its length.

Looks OK, haven't made it permanent as I need to remove the skylight frame and re-seal that, as per previous posts.

The smoke alarm and one main light overlap the undersides, but I couldn't be bothered to try and cut those edges to look half decent, and I'm probably the only one who is going to worry about it.

3rd April 2015

After a midnight altercation with a drunk last night, I've got two very stiff shoulders and a broken back gate at the house.

Five police turned up, three within six minutes of my 999 call, the other two came to take statements. The drunk has been charged and bailed to appear on the 27th April.

I've been up on the Mercedes roof today, stripping the old sealer from the skylight, priming the area where I scratched the paint and then ran new Sikaflex 221 round the mounting frame.

It was obviously not sealing, with big voids where there should have been sealer.

I took all of the mounting screws out, cleaning the big blobs of sealer from them and the surrounding area, then refitted them after the Sikaflex was applied, which then squeezed out a bit as the joint was compressed.

The screws I dipped in preservative and I put nylon washers under each head. I'll put some white paint on tomorrow, but will take a picture of the frame beforehand.

14th April 2015

Happy hour or so outside in the warm, hacking out miles of wiring behind the dashboard.

Loads of missing screws and Spire nuts behind there, plus one of the tachograph knurled retaining screws had fallen off.

I can't leave it like it was as there were some pretty unsafe bits of wiring in there, some on live wiring, so out it all comes.

The remnants of the main body loom disappeared behind the dash, but only for a short distance as it terminated into a pair of multi-way plugs.

The big clump hanging down below the steering wheel is just for eight rocker switches, only one of which is original Mercedes fit, the rest are for the bus interior lights, ignition and starter (before we fitted the new steering lock)

The loom below the fusebox is non-original too.

The rear of the dash is pretty much OK now, but what pees me off is that they used Scotchlocks to tap into two cables on the lighting switch when they could have quite easily used a ring terminal under the terminal screw on the switch.

First picture is what we took out first, the feeds and controls for the passenger electric door. Rather than take it out when it was made manual, the undid the switches and pushed them inside the dashboard and bundled the rest out of sight, all still live.

Bodgers supreme! Two 'connections' found where wires were just twisted together and a bit of tape put around them. I will lap solder such a joint, firstly fitting some heatshrink onto the wires and the shrinking it after soldering. That's how you do it properly.

15th April 2015

It's all out now, and everything still works! Gave the engine a little run, instant starter but noisy when cold.

Had to do a few repairs, the heater vents in the centre of the dash weren't working so they taped them up!

Fitted the new headlights tonight, old ones will clean up and go on fleabay.

All that cabling was basically for the interior lighting and the controls for the door and wheelchair hoist.

18th April 2015

First pair of window sheets arrived today, the van collected them with some other stuff last week but Rob was technically on holiday so didn't drop them off until today.

While waiting, I've been playing with door locks, as you do, and the two cheap new door handles I bought last year turn out to be slightly different dimensionally so couldn't use them, but after a bit of engineering work on the old handle I was able to change the new lock with two keys into the old handle.

I'll probably do the same at the back door as well, that gives me new locks all round. Door handle lists at about 65.

The black Zinc screws turned up so the switch panel is fitted.

I've been underneath looking at the extra starter wire, that's going to get the snip soon, so have to find out if there is a secret switch somewhere, or just some loom damage.

I'm off up to the factory in a minute to get one pair of windows and some M3 screws etc, then I'll have a go at fitting the first panel.

A bit later.....

Busy Saturday!!

Popped out to B&Q to get some new G-clamps and drills, they had the clamps but were out of 3mm drills.

Tried Wickes on the way back and surprisingly they had packs of 10 which were a good bit cheaper than B&Q.

Robert popped up with daughter Maia to drop off the window cover sheets that he collected in the week (and I forgot to ask him to call in at my sister's to pick up the chop saw!)

Spent most of today up the long-suffering stepladder fitting the first panel, drilling about 32 holes and bolting it in place.

Have to cut some old bodywork panelling away, but the fit was pretty much perfect, thanks to Dave at Davrek Engineering.

The panels are completely 'floppy' on their own, but the whole thing gets quite rigid when bolted to the body, and it will be Sikaflexed all round when finally bolted in place.

The M3 screws will be replaced with flush headed studs, so once painted the fasteners won't show.

The windows and window cut-outs are slightly smaller than the originals, so we don't have to worry about the old edges getting in the way.

I also fitted the new headlights in the week, just waiting for the new flasher lights to come.

I've also got some rust to look at!

19th April 2015

More on the windows today.

Took the cover sheet off and trimmed the original body panels where needed, mainly the slanting base of the rearmost window.

Put the sheet back up and and after a very small bit of fettling, both windows popped in place.

That concluded that part of the work.
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