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The bus conversion led to a few compromises, the entrance steps for example, but it was all something we could work around, and later on we would make the decision to take the floor out entirely as it was only there to provide a flat floor, but took up a fair bit of headroom and added weight.

Front entrance steps and door. Note that floor is 4" higher than original

The lining of the bus was in a kind of thin carpet material, which although tidy, was black and not able to be used to fix anything to. The headlining in the driver's area was dirty with water stains, so that is scheduled to be removed and cleaned.

Headlining at the front

Lighting in the bus was by four large flourescent luminaires, running off the 24V vehicle electrics. We have bought LED's to convert these as soon as we get the time. The lights will be run from the 12V circuit of the conversion, the only thing left on the 24V vehicle batteries will be the engine winch.

Luminaires in the bus body

The first job we had to do, and with some urgency, was to sort out the vehicle batteries. There are two 12V batteries under the driver's seat but ours had acid deposits everywhere and loads of verdigris from spilt acid around the seat fixings etc. Apart from anything else we also needed to find out why this had happened. Subsequent checks found no fault with the charging circuit so we assume that the batteries were either fast charged and left to overheat and boil, or a battery exploded. Either way we had to strip the seat out, clean and paint it and replace both batteries.

Looking under the driver's seat

Looking under the driver's seat

Corrosion round the rear of the seat fixings

Cleaning out the seat retaining bolt threads

The cleaned up floor under the battery box

General view of the driver's seat area after cleaning

At this stage we had to revamp some of the wiring, as the wheelchair hoist feeds had been left in place, and a load of odds and ends were hanging in the battery box, including a separate 30A fuse which had no home. We fitted new fuse carriers after cleaning and painting the battery box.

New fuse carriers on the side of the battery box

Seat box back in place, fuses wired and new batteries fitted

Cleaned up rear of the seat with new stainless bolts

All back in place

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