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19th March 2015

Last piece of the ceiling up and in place!!

It was a right struggle as well, 15ft of extrusion had to be bent longways so it would fit top and bottom into the slots.

Took three of us to get it up there and hold it while seating it in place. Wiring for the lights, fan and 12V for the toilet flush were in place yesterday.

We had one go as soon as we got back from work, but it wouldn't fit, we couldn't get enough bend along its length to fit, but after I trimmed off one side of the bottom slot it went in.

Right hand side is where the long cupboard goes. Windows out next, that's going to be a right barrel of laughs!

22nd March 2015

Busy day! need to get back to work for a rest! Roast chicken for dinner, just about ready for that.

Morning spent at work testing some stuff that is going to be delivered tomorrow.

Bought a nearly new LPG cylinder from a guy on fleabay, turns out he is on High Street South, not far from where we are, so that was an easy collection. Cylinder is 65 litres and not very old, will probably end up on the Mercedes.

Philip had a failed rear wheel bearing to change, but decided to do the calipers as well while it was stripped down. The failed one came off OK, the half-shaft almost fell out of the hub, but the o/s one fought every millimetre of the way, mainly through rusting on the splines.

Both done now and he is back on the road. That's a 1000 job at a garage, I think it cost him under 250 for two new hub assemblies with sensors and two new calipers, plus a set of rear pads.

I started on getting the windows stripped out of the Mercedes, wasn't looking forward to it as they are bonded, but in the end we got three out without too much trouble. My right arm and shoulder are killing me now, three hours of pulling the bonding cutter through tough rubber.

Note that most of the rust is where the bonding has failed and water has got in. Where the bonding is good, the metalwork underneath is fine.

View of the back quarter with both windows out. The slanting bottom of the rear window will be cut away as the new ones are flat based.

Outside and inside view of a bad bit of corrosion. This is rain ingress.

Three windows on the ground:

Top of the rearmost window, almost no sealant but it did take along its length.

Taped up window apertures:

23rd March 2015

We have generated the first panel drawing for the new windows.

The panel fits over the existing damaged body area and covers the body ribs and the rusted edges where the old windows were.

The M4 stainless studs are held on the inside of the body by M4 nuts and lockwashers, the whole panel will have Sikaflex sealing all round.

The apertures are slightly smaller than the originals. We have to have a drilling jig to drill the clearance holes for the studs to fit into, we couldn't mark it out and drill by hand to the accuracy required.

24th March 2015

Got an hour or so in after work, living two streets away from the factory sure cuts the commuting time!

I got the long cupboard back liner sections cut and up in place temporarily, there are no trims or joining section yet, and I have to cut the extractor fan hole this side as well.

I also have the third piece of hardwood for the cupboard front that was routed for me locally after I chickened out

Looks nice and tidy, I have the edge trims etc ready to fit, will have a go at that tomorrow.

27th March 2015

Tried a preliminary setup with the electrical panel, backing plate needs a bit more length but otherwise it looks OK.

There's a 'sausage' of insulation encased in Polythene behind the panel.

If I get time over the weekend I will cut a new panel and fit finally.

28th March 2015

Mark 2 electrical bay.

29th March 2015

Just sitting here munching my way through some Cadbury's 'Egg & Spoon' creme eggs, about a million calories each, but love them!

Previously I had a couple of hours at the factory sorting out a charger, which was successful, then back home to get something done on the Mercedes.

As the batteries haven't been touched since we collected them last year, a bit of charging wouldn't hurt, and as I had the solar panels mounted and the solar panel feeds dangling nearby it was a no-brainer to get them hooked up temporarily and see what happened.

Everything worked as it should, I changed the panel settings to suit the sealed batteries and they were showing 12.90V with almost no charge, but all the right indicators came on and both the controllers and the two sets of batteries look fine.

The 2gb memory stick in the camera failed as I was downloading the pictures, it was 3/4 full but hadn't shown any issues up until today. I have a spare so that's gone in the camera, which also, unusually, has a 16gb Compact Flash Card in it. Sony did a few cameras with dual memory sockets, the DSC-F828 which immediately preceded the DSC-R1 also had dual sockets.

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