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10th January 2015 Continued

Went out and sprayed another coat of the Rustilo to see how it came out. Yesterday's coating had dried to a slightly tacky surface, but fairly hard.

Also got that wretched gearlever knob done at last! That has niggled me since we got the Mercedes. The little cap in the top of the gearknob was missing and it was uncomfortable to change gear, so I ordered a new cap, but it was way too small. Only one available says Mercedes, so I ordered a second, just in case, but that was too small.

New gearknob time! 37.00 At least the two caps I had already bought fitted it. So today I went to unscrew the locking nut and the whole gear lever rotated. There's a rubber isolating sleeve between the lower piece in the box turret and the bit with the knob on.

Wouldn't pull apart so took it up to the factory and after a bit of 'modification' I got the shaft off. Then I held it in the vice in a bit of aluminium so I could undo the locknut. That took three goes and a big breaker bar!

Changed the knob, discarded an old gearlever gaiter that had been left on the lever after a new one was fitted over the top of it. how lazy can you get? it only takes a Stanley knife to cut it away,

All back together and still have a full set of gears Just come inside for a cuppa.

11th January 2015

Had a tentative bash at getting the roof lining sorted out.

Didn't go too badly, the 1000g polythene sheet was cold and not very flexible, and it didn't want to stick to the double-sided tape, but I got a reasonable length put together.

The polythene sheet edge wasn't straight which didn't help, but it looked OK once in place and there is a wipe-clean white UPVC sheet going over the top of it inside the cupboards so you won't see my mistakes anyway!

The red stuff is the top cover of the double-sided tape. There is also a strip running vertically up each roof hoop from the bottom, but you can't see it in the pictures. The sheet is creased as we had to keep the edge more or less straight to the bottom. If I get suitably annoyed with it I'll take it off, cut a new piece and refit it.

That white sheet should be here tomorrow.

The new windows are promised (again) for despatch Monday.

14th January 2015

Got the timbers that the roof cladding will be fixed to drilled and countersunk, M5 inserts going into the roof support hoops and these will be screwed in place once the insulation and vapour barrier are in place.

The oval cable trunking will be screwed either to the side of the timbers or to the roof hoops. They sit below the timbers and the cladding runs over them with clearance.

The rolls of the white liner material arrived this morning:

14th January 2015 Continued

I cut some short pieces of the roof cladding tonight and started working out where they are going to run across the ceiling. They are surprisingly stiff, with hollow honeycomb type of structure, 9mm thick and tongue & groove fitting along the long edges.

Starting off at the front of the long cupboard I'll probably span the roof in 5 strips running front to back. The one in the centre carries the three big luminaires, and as the ceiling stands off from the roof hoops on 15mm runners, there's room for the cable trunking underneath for the solar panels and luminaire feeds.

The trunking comes without clips but they are available, and the 20mm wide version is just below 15mm depth when sat in a clip that is screwed to the roof hoop. Because of the weight of the 6mm cabling for the solar panels, I'll start the trunking in front of the entry point and fix to the roof hoop, that way no part is unsupported and likely to rattle.

Just got to work out correct spacings for the mounting strips before I drill the hoops and fit the inserts.

The white plastic lining sheets are in the bus, waiting for the first two bits to be done inside the long cupboard.

15th January 2015

Tried the trunking clips, work OK but they are tight for the trunking which distorts as the clips are too cold to give much.

I ran one each for the solar feeds (twin 6mm each and another for the luminaires in the roof. Getting this stuff all in place so I can take it off and fit the insulation.polythene sheet without having swarf everywhere.

The big cupboard contains most of the front to back wiring. The right-hand solar feed is looped under the small trunking, it should be over the top.

16th January 2015

A very puffed courier rang the bell at the factory, seven large packages on the doorstep. The eight new windows have arrived at last!

Initial feelings are that they are well made, we had tinted glass and sliders on some of them.

Now got to take the old ones out to see how much work we need to do on the body under the bonding.

The new windows are curved corners, so we'll need to think about that as the old ones were square.

These are the smallest pair, we haven't unpacked the large ones yet.

17th January 2015

Had a fairly rare lay in this morning, made SWMBO a cuppa about 9am, did emails etc then went out and got on with putting the roof lining supports in.

Robert had the insertion tool for the threaded inserts from when he worked at home after his face problem, and the little so and so kept forgetting to bring it back!

Anyway, he dropped it in this morning and I had a decent day in the sunshine putting the inserts into the roof supports and screwing the pre-drilled timbers to them.

The last one has to be finished off, M-Benz in their wisdom but a series of 7mm holes in the supports almost exactly where I needed my inserts to go, but as I could use the hole I got a blank timber and drilled the others as I went along. Three more holes to do.

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