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2nd January 2015

Weather hasn't been that good for outside working, plus Xmas and work has got in the way

A few small jobs have been done, and we are close to starting the woodwork for the long cupboards which run the full length of the living area.

The longitudinals are 32mm hardwood with 12mm Birch ply front and bottom. The longitudinals are bolted to the side cant rail and to each roof hoop by M6 countersunk bolts into M6 inserts.

The first job will be to get the longitudinals machined so I have the correct rebates, and radius on the front lower one.

The cupboard doors are actually slightly set into the face of the front panel, so I have to draw that up properly and also get the hinges drawn in so I am happy with their position.

Latest drawing here:

I've got to set the router table up as soon as I have the present work out of the factory, so next weekend I should be getting to grips with this job.

I haven't drawn the cupboard dividers yet, but they will be fairly simple and just to give the assembly some strength between the mountings.

3rd January 2015

Got a day off! Decided to bite the bullet and get the router and table set up.

I bought the router last September/October and the table shortly after. The table is a new Bosch item but had been affected by wet packaging on the top face, so got it at under half price

The table comes with a no-volt safety relay as standard.

The orange/red plate that carries the router sits down inside the casting, so much so that I needed to pack it out with some paxolin to stop the timber dropping down as it went over the joint. It's still a bit low, but will do for now.

The motor has variable speeds, No6 was used to try it out on some softwood pieces.

Height isn't screw adjustable, so a bit of a faff to set it up, but there is a little carousel of depth screws that can be used.

First few cuts were OK, noisy and lots of flying sawdust, but it worked and I was able to play around with depth of cut etc.

We hooked up the workshop vacuum cleaner to it and that cut down the amount of dust etc considerably.

6th January 2015

A bit of CONstruction rather than DEStruction today.

After we got the router set up and running on the weekend, we sorted out the back lower and top upper longerons for the full length cupboards. Last night I spent some time measuring up the roof hoop centres so that I could drill the cant rail and fit threaded inserts later.

This morning I marked out the first timber, drilled and countersunk each hole 6.5mm. Last thing tonight at the factory I marked out and drilled the top front timber, but that needs another pass on the router to be ready.

Tonight I took the timber back home that was ready and drilled through in each position to mark the hole and then opened up to 8.5mm for the inserts.

That worked out well, 7 inserts done with one to go behind the door pivot bracket.

Not a hugely big job in itself, but after quite a few weeks of setting it out in my mind, it was nice to see that first piece solidly bolted to the body frame.

Tomorrow I'll get the other one done that is going to be bolted to the roof hoops, the the last bit is the front lower corner longeron which has three router operations to be done before it can be fixed into place, It will be glued, possibly with some hidden security screws from inside.

Pictures below.

10th January 2015

I got the top corner of the roof above the cooker etc ready for the preservative spray today.

Castrol Rustilo DWX33 (there are more grades) is a water repellant and preservative spray that leaves a thin film of preservative behind once the carrier solvent evaporates.


It is very similar to WD-40 in consistency, but it sprays on a leaves a very consistent film, a matter of minutes and the surface of the body was coated to an even light tan colour.

If you've ever unpacked surplus military parts, you'll recognise the smell straight away!

I put plenty on, and being a spray you can get it behind areas that you normally cannot reach. I used one of the WD-40 bulk sprayers that they used to give free when you bought a gallon of the stuff.

It is dark brown in the container. I'll go out later and see if I can get a picture of the treated panels.

Nothing will stick to the surfaces treated, so any overspray needs degreasing before you try and use any adhesives.

Pictures below which just show the slight surface discolouration of the surface, and the evenness of the finish.

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