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14th December 2014

Picked the tyres up from Cricklewood on the way down to Crawley for my sister's 70th birthday bash, got back just after midnight

Fitted the new side door handle and lock in the morning, plus our son's Discovery V8 water pump let go Friday night so we had to find a pump etc before we left to go on our journeys. He joined us later having done the pump and get cleaned up. Quite glad to get into my bed after that lot!

Going out later to look at more adhesive removal if it isn't too cold to work with the doors open.

Determined to get at least one job done on the Mercedes today, but Jeez it was cold and windy out there!

I've had the new ignition lock and switch waiting to be fitted, and hopefully that wouldn't take too much of my dwindling energy resources to complete

The bodges we have found on this vehicle are the stuff of legend! Today I extended the story.

The existing wiring was cut off, including the special block connector, and 'extended' to two rocker switches on the dashboard, helpfully labelled 'Ignition' and 'Start'. The bodgery came in the joining of wires, which was done with a hot 4" nail, not a soldering iron.

This was a disabled bus for God's sake, why they couldn't do the job properly and fit the right switch I do not know.

Anyway, the new switch fitted OK once I had retrieved the missing socket-head bolt from behind the trim that the 'mechanic' had left there after he dropped it.

Made up new connections with crimps and JUST long enough to reach round the steering column and go onto the switch.

All works fine, but....

The Black/Green starter feed wire has another wire bodged onto it, and that little wire goes out into the engine bay and down towards the starter motor, which is, to say the least, buried under the turbocharger. I'd guess that there was an anti-theft switch there before,so I'll have to get that rewired next.

At least my steering locks now!

18th December 2014

Waiting for bits at present, plus it's too cold to work outside for long.

I've put a small tubular heater inside to keep the worst of the cold away, but it is a big volume to keep warm so I use a fan heater if I'm working for long periods.

Bought a TIG welder this week, 200A Oerlikon unit, same make as our 250A MIG welder. Waiting for that to turn up.

New windows are promised for Monday, but they were promised for last Friday too.....

Got to get the starter motor wiring sorted one day, but we are getting busy and expect to be working for most of the Xmas fortnight.

22nd December 2014

Had a bit of time on the bus over the weekend, finished off removing the adhesive from the back doors and corners, and almost completely finished the roof and supports cleaning. Just a few bits of masking tape left to soak in WD-40 and remove:

23rd December 2014

The penny just dropped!

THIS piece of metal:

Is across the two roof supports that are either side of that cut in the cant rail in my previous post. That's what it is there for.

The cut is behind the door pivot bracket in the picture.

24th December 2014

We finished early today, so I had an hour or so in the warmth of the afternoon sun, getting to grips with the cab headlining removal.

It is dirty, full of screw holes and has three different types of lights let into its surface, in other words a right mess.

Out of three retaining plastic plugs, only one was present, and once I had the rear view mirror bracket unscrewed, the rather big and unwieldy lump came away in a shower of dust and dead spiders!

After that there was a stack of wiring, redundant radio aerial co-ax and a few other cables of questionable ancestry:

Mercedes fit a very nice 24V to 12V 5A converter for the radio and presumably a 2-way radio as well:

The quality of the wiring as fitted by the owners or the coachbuilders was pretty poor:

The piece in the far left corner is fibreglass, where they take out the opening door and fit a blank panel and windows:

Here's another shot of the cut in the main body rail, and its position with respect to the door motor/pivot bracket:

I'm bringing the timber down from the factory over the break to start measuring up and fitting the retaining threaded inserts.

The main body sides are easily clad, there's an attachment face all along top and bottom and there are the main supports as well in between the windows.

New windows haven't turned up.

25th December 2014

That 'cut' is in fact a crack.

We had a good look in broad daylight and it is too fine to be a machine cut and it has a short curve at the bottom, so definitely not man-made.

Possibly aggravated by the electric door motor being mounted there.

We also got the three redundant aerial stubs and cables out of the way.

Happy Xmas!

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