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5th December 2014

Bit of a mystery object that we found behind the wheelarch:

Driver's side wheelarch close-up

We have two of them, the one seen in this picture which is a blown up section of this picture:

Driver's side original picture

I haven't a clue what they are, but I suspect some sort of air cleaner or silencer. Curious place to have them though, I haven't been able to follow the single pipe from each back to its origin yet. They are either plastic or thin alloy.

The second one is roughly behind the entrance step but inboard. 15" - 18" long. Took a couple more shots in the dark:

Driver's side

Passenger side

6th December 2014

I have found the brake system schematic, and would you believe the brakes are discs all round with vacuum assistance, not air as I had been led to believe, and the compressor and air tanks etc etc appear to be solely for the spring brakes for parking and emergency use.

Schematic of the compressed air side

Picture key to the schematic

Thus our 'Mystery objects are vacuum reservoirs for the vehicle brakes.

7th December 2014

Just how many patches can you get on one piece of tailpipe?

I think I counted 20, plus some patches were on top of other patches!

Last picture is the used replacement which cost me 30 off ebay. There's a new one for 90 plus postage.

It actually weighed more than the replacement with so much welding and patching, and if you work out the workshop time to do all of those repairs it would have been far cheaper to get a new tailpipe in. Mercedes spares are not that bad for this sort of part.

11th December 2014

Picked up the free batteries yesterday, all 2014 date code and 6.,39V to 6.40V open circuit terminal voltage after 6 months off charge.

Originally we had two or three, but we finished up with four.

Terminals are short on two, standard length on the other two. I thought originally that they had broken off flush with the post, but they look OK to bolt to.


Also did a bit more on getting the glue off the paintwork at the back corners:

You can see what a mess it was by the bottom area which still has a lot of adhesive on the surface.

13th December 2014

Carrying on with getting the adhesive off the paintwork, horrible job and have to have the doors open because of the fumes. Bought a couple of gallons of standard thinners for general degreasing etc. N/side corner is done, start the other side later.

Scored two new Continental Vanco 2 tyres 225/75R16C 118R for 150, collecting them this afternoon on my way down to my sister's birthday bash.

Too cold to do much outside today!

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