Lister 5/1 Diesel


Hot-Bulb Oil Engine

The White-Brons Hot-Bulb Oil engine

White-Brons Diesel Oil Engine

Another lesser-known UK manufacturer of industrial engine equipment, White-Brons were a company who manufactured under licence from other companies, noticeably Brons of the Netherlands. The engine shown is not a true hot-bulb engine, as it uses no hot bulb as such, and also is not a true diesel as it does not have the high compression ratio of the true solid injection diesel.

The engine uses air for starting, but the actual combustion process is part of the Brons system, where a small part of the fuel is vapourised in a small semi-chamber, which then ignites the rest of the fuel. Other engine manufacturers used this system at the time, including Ransomes with their Wizard engine.

White-Brons Diesel Oil Engine