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Grei four-cylinder marine Hot Bulb Oil Engine

Grei Marine hot-Bulb

A scanned picture from a 1909 text book on hot bulb engines, Grei 240hp Hot-Bulb marine engine.

Grei engines were Norwegian, and used a comparatively small uncooled hot bulb. Water injection was available for overload conditions, and the engine was said to be able to run indefinitely on no load without external heating for the hot bulb, where most engines required a heating device if run without load.

Governing is by centrifugal governor controlling the stroke of the fuel pump. Smaller units has reversible propellers, while the larger engines had reversing by air, with two sets of cams. The engine illustrated had bore 13.50" stroke 15.00" speed 200 rpm The engine will start from any crankshaft position and one control lever is used for starting, stopping and reversing.