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Diesel - Hot-Bulb Engines

Avance were a Swedish manufacturer of engines, tractors and other mechanical equipment. The range of engines was very wide, and rivalled anything offered in the world at that time. The company was among the very early pioneers of the diesel in hot bulb format, and offered four main types of engine:

Direct reversible by compressed air
Direct reversible by pre-ignition
Single direction with reversing gear
Single direction with controllable pitch propellor

All engines had water-cooled cylinder heads, hit and miss governors (unusual on a diesel) full lubrication by mechanical pump and individual injection pumps for each cylinder. Clutches were fitted to all reversible engines, to take the strain off the propellor and drive shaft while reversing of the engine took place.

Avance vanished from the industrial scene in the 1930's, presumably taken over by another Swedish company.

Avance Reversible Hot-Bulb

Avance 60hp twin-cylinder reversible hot-bulb engine

Avance Hot-Bulb with reversible propellor

Avance 60hp twin-cylinder reversible propellor hot-bulb engine

Avance 132hp Hot-Bulb reversible with compressed air

Avance 132hp three-cylinder engine, reversible by compressed air

Avance 132hp Hot-Bulb Sectional View

Avance Engine, Sectioned View

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