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Bosch / American Bosch Service Information

MagData 6 American Bosch - All Manuals (11)
WicoConv American Bosch to Wipac Conversion (1)
BoschMan Bosch Electrical Service Manual 1929 (7)

Eisemann Service Information

MagData1 Eisemann Magneto Data & Pictures (57)
MagData 8 Eisemann R Series Parts Manual (7)
MagData 9 Eisemann FW Series Manual (35)
MagData 17 Eisemann RT Series Manual (17)
MagData 18 Eisemann RC-2H RC-2Q Series Manual (17)

Fairbanks-Morse Service Information

MagData 2 Fairbanks-Morse Magneto Data (55)
MagData 15 F-M 'Super Spark' Sales Brochure (12)
Couplings F-M Magneto Couplings Data (38)

International Harvester / McCormick-Deering Service Information

MagData 11 International Magneto Manual (72)
MagData11 Text Plain text Menu for IHC Magneto Manual

Lucas Magneto Service Information

MagData 19 Lucas Magneto Data & Pictures

Splitdorf Service Information

MagData 3 Splitdorf Magneto Data & Pictures (25)

Sumter Service Information

SumterMenu Sumter Telephone Mfg Co (72)
Sumtertext Plain Text Menu for Sumter

Wico / Wipac Information/ Data

MagData 4 Wico Series A Service/Parts (24)
MagData 5 Wico EK Service & Parts Manual (9)
MagData 7 Wico FW Parts Manual (12)
MagData 10 Wico/Prestolite Parts Cross-Reference (35)
MagCap 16 Wico Magneto Winding/Capacitor Tables (3)
WipacUK Wipac UK 'A' Magneto Applications (3)
Wipac A Rep Wico/Wipac 'A' Replacement Listing (20)
Tapers Wipac Taper Listing & Drawing

Magneto Service Commercial Tools Information

MagData 13 Weidenhoff Service Equipment (20)
MagData 14 H G Makelim Magneto Test equipment (22)

Magneto Application Information

Magneto Apps 1 Acme Truck to American Hoist
Magneto Apps 2 American La France to Austin-Western
Magneto Apps 3 Avery Power to Barber-Greene
Magneto Apps 4 Bates Mfg to Bickle Fire Engine Co
Magneto Apps 5 Blaw Knox to Buda
Magneto Apps 6 Buffalo Fire Appliance to J L Case
Magneto Apps 7 Caterpillar/Best to
Magneto Apps 8 --
Magneto Apps 9 --
Magneto Apps 10 --