Lister 5/1 Diesel

Magneto Service Information

Miscellaneous Magneto Information

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Magneto Service Commercial Tools Information

MagData 13 Weidenhoff Service Equipment (20)
MagData 14 H G Makelim Magneto Test equipment (22)

Magneto Application Information

Magneto Apps 1 Acme Truck to American Hoist
Magneto Apps 2 American La France to Austin-Western
Magneto Apps 3 Avery Power to Barber-Greene
Magneto Apps 4 Bates Mfg to Bickle Fire Engine Co
Magneto Apps 5 Blaw Knox to Buda
Magneto Apps 6 Buffalo Fire Appliance to J L Case
Magneto Apps 7 Caterpillar/Best to
Magneto Apps 8 --
Magneto Apps 9 --
Magneto Apps 10 --