Lister 5/1 Diesel

Lister Cold Starting Diesel Engines

Range of diesel engines produced


The company started diesel production with the 9/1 or JP Engine. Production ran until 1971 in the later JS and JK ranges. The JP was built with cast iron monoblock crankcase and detachable cylinder head. Compression changeover for starting was introduced on this engine.


The 5/1 or CS and related engines ( 3/1 - 10/2 and variants ) were introduced, followed by the uprated versions ( 3½/1 - 6/1 - 8/1 - 12/2 - 16/2 etc )
Production of this range of engines continued up until the late 1970's, at that time being mainly for export to Iran for irrigation pumping duties. Probably the engine series that confirmed Lister's supremacy in the 'small' diesel market.


The CD and CE engines were introduced as monobloc construction engines, and were licence-built in the USA by Nordberg Inc during WW2. The engines were replaced by the FR series, which offered a greater range of outputs and accessories, which were designed in from the start.


The FR or 'Freedom' range of engines were introduced, the most sophisticated range of cold starting engines produced by Listers. The engines had been designed at the outset to offer a wide range of configurations and fittings which were not available in the earlier ranges of engines. The FR series ran until 1964, when they were replaced by the higher output (and physically much larger) JA and JW air-cooled engines.
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