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Lister FR series diesel engines

The FR series was the pinnacle of design engineering of the cold starting diesels at Lister, the culmination of years of development of the diesel engine ranges. Yet the FR was relatively short lived, while the JP and 8/1 designs outlived it, especially the 8/1 which was developed from the 5/1 engine.

The FR or 'Freedom Range' was designed just after the end of WW2, and represented a big change in appearance and design. The engine had all its linkages and drives enclosed except the fan belt, the ancillaries were all gear driven and the gear train was produced to very fine tolerances to eleminate noise and losses in the gearing. It was a very modern looking engine, but had all the simplicity of the 5/1 series designed out! The valve gear was OHV, pressure lubricated and totally enclosed with an aluminium rocker cover.

Very much as 'system' engine, the FR replaced the CD and CE engines, and had a huge range of matching special drives and options which ran into quite a few pages of the sales catalogues. The engine was available to power machinery ranging from concrete mixers to marine auxiliary generating sets, from hydraulic power packs to cranes.

There is one weakness in the block, where the casting between the enclosed fuel filter and the water jacket can crack in frosty weather. This is not the end of the engine, as many users fitted the standard external filter as used on the CD/CE, 5/1 and 9/1 engines, and carried on with their work.

Brief Spec:- Bore & Stroke 3¾" X 4½"
Weight 1 cyl 836 lbs, 2 cyl 1053 lbs, 3 cyl 1228 lbs, 4 cyl 1481 lbs, 6 cyl 1855 lbs, all less cooling tank.
Listard chromed liners.
Oil capacities: 1cyl: 2½ gallons, 2 cyl: 3¾ gallons, 3 cyl: 4½ gallons, 4 cyl: 5¾ gallons, 6 cyl: 6½ gallons.
Oil pressure gauge: visual pip on side of crankcase. Injection equipment: Individual pumps and injectors per cylinder, all enclosed.

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