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Lister FR2 Diesel
The illustration shows a typical configuration for an industrial FR2 engine. The two ball-ended levers at the side of the engine are for the compression change-over, the decompressor lever is at the front of the rocker cover, slightly obscured by the water outlet next door to it. The air-cleaner housing (felt type) is on the top right hand of the picture, with the spring clips visible on the circular housing.

To the extreme right of the picture is the oil filler and governor housing, while the oil pump is located below it and slightly towards the middle of the picture. The circular housing with five screws just above the oil pump is the oil pressure indicator.

The timing and ancillary drive gears are all located in the housing at the right hand end of the engine, the drive end in most applications, while the flywheel and hand starting end is at the left hand side. When electric starting is fitted, the open flywheel is located at the other end of the engine, except where a clutch and gearbox are fitted, when an SAE bell housing is fitted to house the flywheel and provide a mounting for the clutch/gearbox.

The dipstick is located between the mounting feet, which were available in a range of heights and widths to suit various installations. Radiator cooling was available as standard, the radiator being mounted at the 'front' of the engine in all cases.