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Amongst our collection of literature we have a number of official R A Lister & Co sales brochures and pamphlets, many of which are unusual, and possibly rare, after the fire that burned down the offices in Dursley in the 1970's. While it is not practical to scan all the information, the engine illustrations are clear enough to scan, and I have added a brief bit of information below each picture. The colours are a bit garish, sorry about that!

The 5/1 and 6/1 engines were produced with spoked flywheels for most applications, but in the 1960's they were only produced with solid flywheels similar to those used on the Start-O-Matic generating sets. This picture shows a standard set with cast base and alternator. The two control and switchgear boxes are not shown. Note the compression change-over valve on the left of the cylinder head.

The rarer of the older diesels, the VA was a short-lived air-cooled version of the 8/1 engine, with which it shared a lot of common components. The cylinder barrel, head and one flywheel was special to this engine, although the bottom end was the same as the 8/1. This is another Start-O-Matic set.

The largest of the Start-O-Matic generators, using the twin cylinder 12/2 engine, basically two 6/1 engines on a common crankshaft. A high degree of commonality with the 5/1 and 6/1 was achieved with the twins, only the crankcase, crankshaft and a couple of other bits were different. This engine was replaced by the 16/2 which had no compression changeover valves, and was basically two 8/1 engines on a common crankcase.

One of the largest engines that Lister produced, the 61/6 or JP6 was only exceeded in power by the JW and JA series of engines which were one of the last engines that were designed and produced entirely within R A Lister. Some of these are in position on the Thames Barrier, running emergency hydraulic power pumps for the gates on the south Essex coast around Benfleet. The JP6 was also marinized but was never used as a vehicle engine.

The FR series was the last of the cold-starting Lister engines, provided with a compression changeover valve. Designed just after WW2 by Joe Thomas, and were the pinnacle of engineering excellence for Lister. They featured all gear-driven auxiliaries including the water pump, and were very quiet in operation. They also had the widest possible range of accessories available for use in all kinds of industrial equipment. A marinised version was produced for all sizes over the single cylinder, and generating set engines became a mainstay for the sales office. The picture below shows an FR6. The position of the flywheel varied with the application, normally it was at the front under the radiator as shown above, but it could also be at the other end of the engine, particularly if electric starting was provided.

The JK series was a later variant of the JP series. No compression change-over valves were fitted as with the 8/1. This series was in turn replaced by the JS series. Forced rocker lubrication was one of the features introduced on the later engines.

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