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Fuel Injection Data Tables

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CAV produced the majority of the injection systems sold in the UK and many overseas countries. Based in Acton in West London it supplied OEM engine builders world-wide. Currently it is part of the remains of the Lucas empire that is based in France, and most of the service facilities that are left are few and far between, although the smaller dealers are usually able to assist with spares and repairs.

BKB, BKBL and N injector Parts

This is an earlier picture based on the 1952/3/4 production units. Note that older Lister, Petter and other engines do not have flanges on the injector for retention, they are retained by a separate collar which fits over the top of the injector and is bolted down to the cylinder head.

CAV Injector Parts

Key No Description Most Common Part No Key No Description Most Common Part No
1Nut, Nozzle Cap7008-14**14BJoint (15)5339-593**
1ANut, Nozzle Cap7008-187**15Nut, Holder Cap7008-429D
2Union, Leak-Off7008-4015ANut, Holder Cap7008-328 (NL Body)
2AUnion, Leak-Off7008-11515BNut, Holder Cap7008-226
2BUnion, Leak-Off7008-315CNut, Holder Cap
2CUnion, Leak-Off 7024-1715DNut, Holder Cap7008-184
3Joint for (2)5339-22615ENut, Holder Cap7008-131
4Union, Leak-Off7097-15816Plug (15)7008-133
5Nut, Leak-Off7008-1517Joint (16)5339-304
6Reference Not Used--18
7Body, Nozzle Holder7008-51A**19Feeler Pin7008-13A
7ABody, Nozzle Holder7008-225**20Pin, Dowel 7008-428C-C
7BBody, Nozzle Holder7008-3**20APin Dowel7008-428D-F
7CBody, Nozzle Holder7008-1**21Stud, Delivery7008-54
8Spindle7008-49**22Filter, Edge7008-25
9Spring7008A-7**23Joint (22)5339-161
10Cap, Spring7008-2024Union, Inlet7008-53**
11Nut, Compression7008-3524AUnion, Inlet7008-222**
11ANut, Compression7008-183A24BUnion, Inlet 7008-185**
11BNut, Compression7008-925Nut, Inlet7097A-47**
11CNut, Compression7025-925ANut, Inlet7008-119**
11DNut, Compression7025-2426Washer (25)5339-324
12Screw, Adjusting7008-3627Filter, gauze7008A-221
12AScrew, Adjusting7008-10A28Plate (27)7008-223
12BScrew, Adjusting7025-10**29BanjoNA1-2
13Locknut (12)5330-8630Joint (29)5339A-543
13ALocknut (12)5330-183**31Stud, Banjo7008A-188
14Joint (15)5339-33432Nut, Gland7008-148
14AJoint (15)5339-542**33Screw, Vent7006-28
** Indicates that more than one part is available

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