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This pump is for LARGER engines, such as the Lister 3/1, 5/1 etc etc. The delivery valve locking ring and retaining stud are a later addition, not fitted on the earlier pumps. The Excess Fuel Toggle is not shown on this parts list.

CAV BPF1B Unit Injection Pump


Key No Description Most Common Part No Key No Description Most Common Part No
1, 1A, 1BMain Body7009-1 ****2Nut, Inlet Union7009-18
3Ring, Guide Retaining (28)7009-94Screw, Bleed7019-116A**
5Washer, Bleed Screw5339-1326Washer, Locking5339-664*
7 Stud, Locking5335-573A *8Washer, Locking Plate5293-57 *
9Nut, Locking Plate Stud5006-10 *10Plate, Locking 7009-204 or 204A *
11Bolt, Locking Plate NS53-21Y1 *12Washer, Locking Plate Bolt NW2-81Z1 *
13Collar, Distance (11)5008-57014Nut, Delivery Union7097-47
15Washer, Delivery Union5339-13816Holder, Delivery Plate7010-542 (5-8mm Elements)
16Holder, Delivery Plate7010-545 (9-10mm Elements)17Spring 7032-7 (5-8mm Elements)
17Spring7010-146 (9-10mm Elements)18Joint, Delivery Valve5339-862
19Delivery Valve7010-585 (5-8mm Elements) 19Delivery Valve7010-586 (9-10mm Elements)
20Control Rack7009-1921Sleeve, Control7009-4
22Element7010-562K (5mm)22Element7010-562M (6mm)
22Element7010-562N (6.5mm)22Element7010-562P (7mm)
22Element7010-562Q (7.5mm)22Element7010-562R (8mm)
22Element7010-562S (9mm)22Element7010-562U (10mm)
23Pin, Barrel Locking5335-17224Washer, Joint (23)5936-58K
25Plate, Spring Upper7009-626Spring, Plunger7009-5
27Plate, Spring Lower7009-728Guide, Plunger7009-183 **
29Nut, Cap (32)7009-16030Banjo, Screwed, Delivery7009-161
31Washer, Banjo (30)7009-15932Holder Delivery Valve7009-166
33Pointer, Index7003-7534Washer, Shim 0.2mm (35)5339-250
34Washer, Shim 0.3mm (35)5339-25134Washer, Shim 0.5mm (35)5339-252
34Washer, Shim 1.0mm (35)5339-25334Washer, Shim 1.5mm (35)5339-254
35Screw, Fixing, PointerNS16-11Y136Screw, Locating, Control Rack7009-196
37Connection, Inlet7009-19638Peg, Spring7009-99
39Stud, Connection7027-1340Filter7027-151
41Washer, Joint (40)7027-1742Banjo, ConnectionNA1-10
43Nipple, Reducing7027-1244Washer, Inlet5339-174

* Early versions, Later pumps use 5001-31 and the Locking Plate used a bolt (No 11) on later pumps instead of the stud (No7)
** Indicates that more than one part is available
*** The element number defines the pump type and is unique to the pump application.
*** Each element carries a unique indentifying number on the end of one of the 'ears' at the bottom of the plunger.
**** The pump body also varies with application, and is unique to that application.

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