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This pump is for SMALL engines, not the Lister 3/1, 5/1 etc etc.

CAV BPF1A Unit Injection Pump


Key No Description Most Common Part No Key No Description Most Common Part No
1 Nut, Delivery Union 7032-4 2 Washer, Delivery union 5339-324
3 Holder, Delivery Valve 7033-97 4 Spring, Delivery Valve7032-7
5Joint, Delivery Valve5936-226Valve, Delivery7033-361B**
7Control Rack7032-10**8Sleeve, Control Rod7032-9 (BPF1)
9Sleeve, Control Rod 7033-9 (BPF2)10Quadrant, Regulating7033-345 (BPF2)
11Screw, Quadrant5335-195 (BPF2)12Seal, Lead7009-173
13Joint7033-37914Pin, Barrel7032-134 (A) -134A (P)
15Element7032-XXX***16Plate, Spring, Upper7032-11
17Spring, Plunger7032-1618Plate, Spring, Lower7032-15
19Guide, Plunger7032-1720Housing7032-XXX****
21Stud, Inlet7027-1322Joint5339-988
23Banjo, Fuel InletNAI-1024Adaptor7027-12
25Joint5339-17426Plug, Blamking (BPF2)7019-114
27Joint (BPF2)5339-30828Ring, Bucket Retaining (19)7032-18
29Collar, Control rack7032-7130Pin, Collar7032-70
31Return Spring7032-6932Pin, Dowel7032-108
33Adaptor, Vent Screw7032-10634Joint5936-58K
35Joint7019-116B36 Peg, Del Valve Spring7009-99
37Bush, Control Rack7033-13538Screw, Locating7033-30
39Cover, Inspection7087-1640Gasket, Insp. Cover7087-15
41Screw, Insp. CoverNS73-10Y42Excess Fuel Device7042-6A**
43Adapter7032-10944Boot, Control Rack7032-169

** Indicates that more than one part is available
*** The element number defines the pump type and is unique to the pump application.
*** Each element carries a unique indentifying number on the end of one of the 'ears' at the bottom of the plunger.
**** The pump body also varies with application, and is unique to that application.

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