Lister 5/1 Diesel

Engine Indicator Instruments 3

Dobbie McInnes Indicators

The Dobbie McInnes Steam Indicator

A Dobbie McInnes indicator in section.

The Dobbie McInnes Steam Indicator

A Dobbie McInnes indicator in the flesh.

Picture of a typical Dobbie McInnes Indicator.

Two more variants on the basic instrument.

The 'Wade" Reducing Gear, attached to a Dobbie-McInnes Indicator.

The Dobbie McInnes Steam Indicator

Another Dobbie McInnes indicator in real life.

The indicator comes boxed with all its accessories as in the picture below.
The boxes are very nicely manufactured and are almost a collector's item in their own right.

The contents are as follows:-

The indicator instrument is mounted horizontally in the centre of the box, the cord and hook are laying by it..
The top row of accessories are:-
Rulers (not present but go in the 3 slots) Pencil lead container, Mounting Dowel, Oil bottle, Dowel Tube, followed by four setting springs.
There is a large valve assembly in the corner of the box for fitting to a steam line. The valve has an insulated handle to prevent burns.
A conical mounting for the instrument is on the front left hand edge of the case, this is for temporary mounting only as it has no holding threads.
The protractor and paper compartment is the curved box along the front of the box, with the indicator base spanner in its own compartment in front.
The last item is a spare drum spring which is on the lower right.

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