Lister 5/1 Diesel

Rolls-Royce 40/50hp

Silver Ghost engine rebuild Page 5

The front of the engine from a slightly different angle. We took a load of photographs of this job as it was required for future provenance should the car be sold and a record of the work had to be produced.

A shot of the controls at the bottom of the steering column, both mechanical and electrical. The ignition can be switched to run on coil, magneto or both, the hand throttle goes to the governor tower, the mixture control goes to the carburettor and the advance/retard to both distributor and magneto. The snake-like pipe in front of the linkages is the carburettor feed pipe, the olive nut having run back down the pipe and out of view.

One of the blocks on the fork-truck waiting to drop onto the crankcase. As it was we had enormous problems with the top lip of the new liners catching the piston rings as we inadvertently pushed the pistons up the bore to give us more clearance to work with at this stage.

Side view of the rebored liners, you can just make out the cylinder lubrication hole in the liner nearest the camera. Oil is pressure fed to these holes from the oil pump.

Close up of the valve ends and springs. Nothing out ofd the ordinary, they are very conventional with fairly floppy springs, although as it is a very slow-running engine there is no need for stronger springs.

Shot of the liners again with a better view of the liner oil holes as mentioned above. These were drilled and cleaned up before the liners were honed.

View of the side of the block showing the oil hole union positions.

Shot taken looking down on the exhaust and inlet valves (covers obviously removed) The valves have a conventional screwdriver slot to enable them to be ground in, a process which was more frequent in the 1920's than today. This was the first time it had been done in about eight years of running. The sparking plug immediately above the inlet valve (right-hand valve of each cylinder) is magneto-driven, the other plug is just at the edge of the cylinder above the piston and the holes can be seen in this shot.

Last shot of the liner oil hole, sorry the picture is a bit out of focus!

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