Lister 5/1 Diesel

Rolls-Royce 40/50hp

Silver Ghost engine rebuild Page 4

The new alloy pistons fitted and looking very nice. The old ones were cast-iron and not really fit for re-use. The fuel pressure pump is shown well in this shot, the pipe leading off to the right goes down to the back of the car where the tank is located between the rear dumb-irons. Although the pistons are domed, the compression ratio is only about 4:1.

The two blocks on the bench after having the valve seats reground. Each valve has a large bronze threaded cover over it to enable removal and cleaning. One cover per cylinder holds one of the two spark plugs (over the inlet valve) one is shown on the bench in front of the heads.

The cleaned up crankcase with all the bits stripped off as far as we could go. The magneto body is over the far side centre, distributor/governor tower at the right etc etc. The mass of clevis-jointed controls is a bit of a nightmare when stripping down, especially when there are more than one unit being controlled such as the magneto/distributor advance/retard linkage.

Front shot of the engine, most of the bits and pieces have been identified so nothing much to say on this picture. Everything is cast aluminium except the blocks and crankshaft and connecting rods. Detailed parts are obviously steel, but for such a large engine it is unusual to see so much ali being used.

Front timing cover from underneath, showing the large crankshaft damper assembly, very necessary with a six-cylinder engine which has a relatively thin crankshaft in relation to its 7 litres. The two timing gears on either side run the magneto/camshaft on one side, governor/distributor/pressure pump on the other.

Side shot with No3 piston missing for some reason. Can't think of a good reason at the moment! The two brackets outside the engine compartment are the spare wheel carriers.

An oblique shot of the engine bay, the louvred panels alongside the sump are shown here quite well. A real pain to work around but they do keep the engine bay clean from road dirt and direct the cooling air down under the car.

The other side of the engine with No3 still missing! Note that the cam follower blocks are still out in this shot, the individual rockers are housed in a small casting which bolts into the block above the magneto with four studs per block.

This panel is intentionally blank

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