Lister 5/1 Diesel

Rolls-Royce 40/50hp

Silver Ghost engine rebuild Page 3

Getting it back together at last ! The front single block of three cylinders is on the engine crankcase and the second is waiting to go on. We had a problem with pistons going up over the top of the liner internally and jamming up, but we eventually overcame that problem. The thin metal pipe is the pressure feed to the petrol tank IIRC.

Another view of the front block up on the crankcase. Magneto in the lower foreground. The engine mountings allow for the chassis to flex while not affecting the crankcase of the engine.

Front view of the engine with one block fitted. The governor housing with distributor on top is on the left (distributor cap and leads not fitted) and the magneto on the right lower side. The pressure pump on the governor housing is visible here with the piping running acroos the front of the engine.

View from further out on the right hand side, all cleaned up and awaiting the second block to be fitted. Note the linkages on the side of the block, more visible with the aluminium highlighted by the camera flah.

Front head with most bits and pieces fitted.

View between the blocks with some of the lubrication pipes and water passages shown. This is the right-hand side, the linkages on the left lower foreground are going through the crankcase to the magneto.

Close-up of the oil filler, a bit of the oil regulator valve and the linkages coming off the steering box. The oil flow to the cylinders is increased if the throttle is fully opened by the regulator valve.

Two shots of the crankshaft from underneath. The caps in the end of each crankshaft web can be removed and sludge removed that has been deposited by centrifugal force. Each cap has a castellated nut and split pin to do up after replacing the cap.

The linkage sticking down underneath in this shot is for the exhaust cut-out, something which is not so popular these days as it was in the 1920's. Big-end cap bolts are castellated and split-pinned, as are most of the bolts on the car that are moving or controlling something.

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