Lister 5/1 Diesel

Rolls-Royce 40/50hp

Silver Ghost engine rebuild Page 2

Magneto with the rear cover and leads removed. The contact breaker points are in the housing below the gear. The advance/retard control linkage can just be seen above the contact breaker box, this comes through the block from the carburettor side.

Magneto shaft drive for the L/H side of the timing case. Everything is gear driven except the fan and dynamo, which have separate belts.

Mechanical governor housing, with the distributor mounted above it (out of shot) and driven off the same vertical shaft. The various linkages are for the hand and foot throttles plus the advance/retard control.

Front half of the crankcase with the block removed, showing the tappets (actually the cam follower followers as the cams operate hinged followers which are below the tappets shown in the top of the picture. The distributor is just out of focus on the bottom left hand corner.

A bit of a squeeze! I was trying to get a shot of the camshaft and follower arms, but it is almost lost in the gloom of the crankcase.

A mess or belts and cables ! The chain-driven (with free-wheel in the cogs) starter motor is on the left hand side, the speedo drive pulley immediately in the top foreground with the cable falling away to the bottom of the picture. The belt-driven dynamo is on the right, the flywheel with the driven clutch member in the lower background, the propellor shaft torque-tube starts immediately behind the gearbox with the reaction rods and mountings either side at the top of the picture.

The clutch and flywheel, the release bearing fork is carried on the cross-member in the foreground, the gearbox is totally separate from the engine. The chain for the starter motor is on the left with the dynamo belt on the right. The louvred panels in the background are part of the scuttle. The speedo cable has been unclipped and is hanging in front of the camera. There is a semi-flexible link between the clutch and the gearbox.

The bulkhead immediately behind the rear cylinders, with the ignition ballast resistor on the left and the oil pressure regulator valve on the right. The valve allows extra oil to flow to the cylinders when the throttle is opened fully, hence the linkage on the left of the valve. Most of the bodywork is aluminium.

Shot of one of the blocks looking up beneath the piston skirts. The liners we put in can be seen as a line around the bores. The valves are back in and this one is ready for refitting to the engine.

Both blocks almost ready for installation. The bearing shells on the floor had just been knocked over (by an assistant !)

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