Lister 5/1 Diesel

Rolls-Royce 40/50hp

Silver Ghost Engine rebuild

When I worked for a company that operated a wide range of filming equipment (cameras, video, lighting, generators etc) I had the additional job of looking after a nice 1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost (or 40/50hp to use the correct name) The car was also driven by me on occasions, and it was a very enlightening experience! The car weighs about 2 tons, and has brakes on the rear wheels only, which makes life interesting in wet conditions. After a few years it became obvious that the engine needed some attention, so the decision was made to bore out the cylinders and sleeve them back to standard bores, and fit new pistons. The crankshaft was in pretty good condition so was left alone. The following pictures are a photographic record of that work.

Because of the age of the vehicle, it was necessary to keep a photographic record of the work involved so that future owners would have a visual record of the actual work being carried out, along with supporting invoices! The car was taken for a 300 mile drive up to the Lake District after the overhaul, and after a bit of trouble with the constant vacuum carburettor it was taken overseas to Italy for the owner's holiday.

Ghost 1 Silver Ghost Selection 1 Ghost 2 Silver Ghost Selection 2
Ghost 3 Silver Ghost Selection 3 Ghost 4 Silver Ghost Selection 4
Ghost 5 Silver Ghost Selection 5 Ghost 6 Silver Ghost Selection 6