Lister 5/1 Diesel

Early Gas Engines

Early British & European Engine Engravings & Photo's - Page 3

Captions will be put on all the picture pages when completed, these will include as much data as is available at the time.

  National 1500bhp Gas Engine.   National 450bhp Gas Engine.
  National 1000bhp & 750bhp Engines   National Tandem Gas Engine
  3 X National 600bhp Engines   National 300bhp Engine
  National 1000bhp Engine   4 X 450bhp National Engines
  National 1500bhp Engines   4 X 1500bhp Blast Furnace Gas Engines
  Loaded Train outside the Factory   Large Factory Installation
  4 X 500hp Suction Gas Plants   'Mond' 3000bhp Gas Plant
  300bhp Suction Gas Plant   1000hp Gas Plant

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