Lister 5/1 Diesel

Early Gas Engines

Early British & European Engine Engravings & Photo's - Page 2

Captions will be put on all the picture pages when completed, these will include as much data as is available at the time.

  Melhuish's Patent Two-Stroke Engine   Britannia Horizontal Oil Engine
  Petter Horizontal Oil Engine   Griffin's 'Simplex' Oil Engine
  Griffin Hydro Oil Marine Engine   Glover's Vertical Engine
  Bailey's Patent Heat Engine (2 types)   Otto & Langen's Vertical Engine
  Robinson's Hot-Air Engine   Rider Hot-Air Engine (2 views)
  Bènier Hot-Air Engine   Larger Style 'Stockport' Engine
  Otto Horizontal Engine   Crossley Large Horizontal Engine
  National Horizontal Engine (2)   Tangye Large Horizontal Engine

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