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IHC Engine Dating Guide

All Engine Types

This listing has been produced from information supplied by Reg Ingold.
With additional material kindly supplied by John Hammink and Mike Rohrer.
The origin of the material shown is likely to be from a number of sources.
(The complete list will print on two pages of A4 paper when scaled to 70% of the full size)

There are some anomalies in the list which we are trying to resolve.

IHC Engine Dating Guide - All Engines

'M' 1-1/2hp (650 rpm) Type 'L' rotary Magneto Kerosene Skidded 'M' 6hp, Type 'R' rotary Magneto, Skidded & Portable, Kerosene
Serial Number Range Made In Magneto Type Serial Number Range Made In Magneto Type
A101 to A1969 1917 International C101 to C751 1918 International
A1970 to A19491 1918 International C752 to C6872 1919 International
A19492 to A42764 1919 International C6873 to C16142 1920 International
A42765 to A70744 1920 International C16143 to C20457 1921 International
A70745 to A82429 1921 International C20458 to C22210 1922 International
A82430 to A85630 1922 International C22211 to C25767 1922 International or Bosch
A85631 to A91825 1923 International or Bosch C25768 to C31468 1923 International or Bosch
A91826 to A99317 1924 International C31469 to C34574 1924 International or Bosch
-- -- -- 'M' 6hp, Bosch 'S' rotary Magneto, Skidded & Portable, Kerosene
'M' Type 1-1/2hp 500rpm Skidded, Gasoline Bosch Mag C34575 to C34729 1924 Bosch
AA101 to AA5140 1923 Bosch C34730 to C34823 1925 Bosch
AA5141 to AA11100 1924 Bosch C34824 to C34970 1926 Bosch
'M' Type 1-1/2hp 500rpm Skidded, Gasoline Wico Mag C34971 to C34993 1927 Bosch
AW101 to AW3227 1924 Wico EK C34994 to C35025 1928 Bosch
AW3228 to AW23292 1925 Wico EK C35026 to C35043 1929 Bosch
AW23293 to AW43871 1926 Wico EK C35044 to C35057 1930 Bosch
AW43872 to AW61359 1927 Wico EK C35058 to C35067 1931 Bosch
AW61360 to AW73819 1928 Wico EK C35068 to C35071 1932 Bosch
AW73820 to AW90719 1929 Wico EK C35072 to C35074 1934 Bosch
AW90720 to AW100259 1930 Wico EK 'M' 6hp Engines, Wico EK HT Mag, Kerosene
AW100260 to AW106866 1931 Wico EK CW101 to CW2296 1925 Wico
AW106867 to AW111502 1932 Wico EK CW2297 to CW7101 1926 Wico
'M' 1-1/2hp (500 rpm) American Bosch 'S' rotary Mag, Kerosene CW7104 to CW11201 1927 Wico
AB101 to AB152 1923 Bosch CW11202 to CW14400 1928 Wico
AB153 to AB1060 1924 Bosch CW14401 to CW17971 1929 Wico
AB1061 to AB1785 1925 Bosch CW17972 to CW19988 1930 Wico
AB1786 to AB1879 1926 Bosch CW19989 to CW20632 1931 Wico
AB1880 to AB1922 1927 Bosch CW20633 to CW21202 1932 Wico
AB1923 to AB2005 1928 Bosch CW21203 to CW21207 1933 Wico
AB2006 to AB2030 1929 Bosch CW21208 to CW21470 1934 Wico
AB2031 to AB2038 1930 Bosch CW21471 to CW21782 1935 Wico
AB2039 to AB2045 1931 Bosch CW21783 to CW21854 1936 Wico
AB2046 to AB2047 1932 Bosch CW21855 to CW21960 1937 Wico
'M' 1-1/2hp (500 rpm) Wico EK Magneto, Kerosene 'M' 10hp Engines, International (OL or U) or Bosch Mag's, Kerosene
AX101 to AX529 1924 Wico D101 to D1389 1920 International
AX630 to AX3406 1925 Wico D1390 to D2748 1921 International
AX3407 to AX5343 1926 Wico D2749 to D3075 1922 International
AX5344 to AX7451 1927 Wico D3076 to D3349 1922 International or Bosch FX-1
AX7452 to AX10273 1928 Wico D3350 to D3929 1923 International or Bosch FX-1
AX10274 to AX13177 1929 Wico D3930 to D3954 1924 International or Bosch FX-1
AX13178 to AX16091 1930 Wico D3955 to D4227 1925 International or Bosch FX-1
AX16092 to AX16332 1931 Wico D4228 to D4679 1926 International or Bosch FX-1
AX16333 to AX16473 1932 Wico D4680 to D4782 1927 International
AX16474 to AX16539 1933 Wico 'M' 10hp Engines, International Mag, Kerosene
'M' 3hp Engines, Bosch L Rotary Magneto, Kerosene D4783 to D4861 1928 International
B101 to B3037 1918 International D4862 to D4980 1929 International
B3038 to B15812 1919 International D4981 to D5051 1930 International
B15813 to B35785 1920 International D5052 to D5068 1931 International
B35786 to B42782 1921 International D5069 to D5081 1932 International
B42783 to B45950 1922 International D5082 to D5100 1933 International
B45951 to B49812 1922 International or Bosch 'M' 10hp (425rpm) Engines, Wico 'EK' impulse Mag, Kerosene
B49813 to B59659 1923 International or Bosch DW157 to DW671 1927 Wico
B59660 to B64418 1924 International or Bosch DW672 to DW847 1928 Wico
B64419 to B64818 1924 Bosch DW848 to DW1183 1929 Wico
B64819 to B65031 1925 Bosch DW1184 to DW1330 1930 Wico
B65032 to B65293 1926 Bosch DW1331 to DW1401 1931 Wico
B65294 to B65321 1927 Bosch DW1402 to DW1425 1932 Wico
B65322 to B65361 1928 Bosch 'M' Type L 1-1/2hp Wico EK Magneto Gasolene
B65362 to B65380 1929 Bosch EW101 to EW600 1929 only Wico EK
B65381 to B65385 1930 Bosch LA 1-1/2 to 2-1/2hp Engines, Wico AH Magneto, Gasoline
B65386 to B65391 1931 Bosch LA101 to LA132 1934 Wico AH -212 Rotary
B65392 to end 1932 Bosch LA133 to LA14654 1935 Wico AH -212 Rotary
'M' 3hp Engines, Wico EK Magneto, Kerosene LA14655 to LA17852 1936 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW101 to BW585 1924 Wico LAA17853 to LAA29504 1936 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW586 to BW8484 1925 Wico LAA29505 to LAA41946 1937 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW8485 to BW16472 1926 Wico LAA41947 to LAA47997 1938 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW16473 to BW23229 1927 Wico LAA47998 to LAA54262 1939 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW23230 to BW28066 1928 Wico LAA54263 to LAA62613 1940 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW28067 to BW33204 1929 Wico LAA62614 to LAA62900 1941 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW33205 to BW37466 1930 Wico LAA62901 to LAA ??? 1941 Wico AH -212 Rotary
BW37467 to BW38250 1931 Wico -- -- --
BW38351 to BW38433 1932 Wico LA 3hp Engines, Wico EK Magneto, Kerosene
BW38434 to BW38440 1933 Wico LA501 to LA980 1935 Wico AH -192 Rotary
BW38441 to BW39200 1934 Wico LA981 to LA1725 1936 Wico AH -192 Rotary
BW39201 to BW39294 1935 Wico LAB1726 to LAB4470 1936 Wico AH -192 Rotary
BW39295 to BW39326 1936 Wico LAB4471 to LAB9029 1937 Wico AH -192 Rotary
BW3932 7 to BW39375 1937 Wico LAB9030 to LAB12315 1938 Wico AH -192 Rotary
-- -- -- LAB12316 to LAB15408 1939 Wico AH -192 Rotary
-- -- -- LAB15409 to LAB20446 1940 Wico AH -192 Rotary
LB 1-1/2 to 2-1/2hp Engines, International Mag, Gasoline LAB20447 to LAB22286 1941 Wico AH -192 Rotary
LBA ???? to LBA65706 1941 IHC H-1 Rotary LB 3hp to 5hp Engines, International Mag, Gasoline
LBA65707 to 66393 1941 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB22287 to LBB25273 1941 IHC E-1 Rotary
LBA66394 to LBA72943 1942 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB25274 to LBB30922 1942 IHC E-1 Rotary
LBA72944 to LBA76060 1943 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB30923 to LBB33508 1943 IHC E-1 Rotary
LBA76061 to LBA86647 1944 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB33509 to LBB40100 1944 IHC E-1 Rotary
LBA86648 to LBA100998 1945 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB 40101 to LBB48766 1945 IHC E-1 Rotary
LBA100999 to LBA114787 1946 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB48767 to LBB56535 1946 IHC E-1 Rotary
LBA114788 to LBA130393 1947 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB56536 to LBB63625 1947 IHC E-1 Rotary
LBA130394 to LBA148518 1948 IHC H-1 Rotary LBB63626 to LBB72132 1948 IHC E-1 Rotary

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