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Other US Manufacturers

While the rest of the US makers probably don't make a lot of history on their own, they still made a significant contribution to aviation history for some reason or other. The following small sections cover the better-known companies and individuals.


This well-known car producer made a variant of an engine for aero use. The IV-2220 was a pair of inverted V-8 engines, coupled together with a large pair of blowers feeding the 16 cylinders. The engine was not put into production, as there were too many other competing powerplants in the marketplace. The IV-2220 flew in an XP-47H Thunderbolt in 1945 at 2500 bhp.


A small manufacturer of opposed piston engines for small aircraft, Franklin was in receivership in 1935 and a new company, Air-Cooled Motors was formed, achieving large sales to helicopter and light aircraft manufacturers in the 1950's and 1960's. The company eventually closed in 1975 with all the machinery etc being sold to the Polish Govt.


Another small engine company that produced a small range of engines for the aircraft industry. The R-755 became well-known in the war years, and went on to power small helicopters after the war. The company was sold in the 1970's, and a range of engines and spares continued to be available.


Charles R. Lawrance was to form the company named after him that became part of Wright after F.B. Rentschler decided to buy the company out. Lawrance achieved some success with its J-1 which was ordered into production by the US military. Lawrance himself ended up as President of Wright Aeronautical, after Rentschler left to start up Pratt & Whitney.


Lambert produced the 5-cylinder R-266, giving 90hp at 2375. The Lambert Aircraft Co suceeded the Velie Motors Corpn as builder of the Velie M-5 aircraft engine, followed by the bigger and more powerful R-266, which kept the same physical dimensions as the earlier engine. Cylinders were 4.25" X 3.75" or 266 cu ins.

The list above is not necessarily complete, as many small companies were in existence during the WWII years, only to dissapear when the war production years came to an end. Any additions will be put in as and when they come to our notice.

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