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N/A = Not Applicable --- NA = Info Not available

MakerContinental W670-KContinental A-40-4Franklin 4AC150Franklin 4AC171Jacobs L-5Jacobs L-5MJacobs L-5MB
No of Cyls7444777
Bore/Stroke5.125" x 4.625"3.125" X 3.75"3.625" x 3.625"3.875" x 3.625"5.50" x 5.00"5.50" x 5.00"5.5" x 5.00"
Displacement668 cu ins115 cu ins150 cu ins171 cu ins831 cu ins831 cu ins831 cu ins
Comp Ratio5.4:15.14:16.6:16.25:16.00:16.00:16.00:1
bmep Cruise123909497105105105
Blower ratioN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Cyl MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteelSteel
Valves per cyl1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh
HP max - not Take-Off225425060285285285
@ RPM2175270023002350200020002000
@ AltitudeSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea Level
HP Take-Off22540NANA300300300
@ RPM21752575NANA212521252125
HP CruiseNA3037.545210210210
@ RPMNA230021002150190019001900
Fuel Octane65657070737373
Prop DriveDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Dry Weight460 lbs145 lbs161 lbs204 lbs510 lbs504 lbs525 lbs
lb/Cruise HP2.044.834.303.582.432.402.50
Carb(s)1x StrombergNA1x Marvel or Stromberg1x Stromberg1x Stromberg1x Stromberg1x Marvel
IgnitionScintilla MagScintilla MagScintilla or Eisemann magScintilla MagScintilla MagScintilla MagScintilla Batt/Mag
Electric StarterEclipseN/AN/AAuto-liteEclipseEclipseEclipse
Ht above bedNAN/A11.18711.187"N/AN/AN/A
Mount Dia / Bearer Spacing20.00"10.00"10.00"10.00"16.50"16.50"16.50"

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