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MakerRanger SGV-770B-5Rover L267Sky 70Warner Super
Scarab 50
Warner Scarab
Warner Scarab
Junior 50
Warner Super
Scarab 165
ArrangementInverted VInverted In-LineInverted In-LIneRadialRadialRadialRadial
No of Cyls12447757
Bore/Stroke4.0" x 5.125"4.125" x 5.0"3.875" x 4.25"4.625" x 4.25"4.25" x 4.25"4.625" x 4.25"4.625" x 4.25"
Displacement773 cu ins267 cu ins200 cu ins499 cu ins422 cu ins301 cu ins500 cu ins
Comp Ratio6:15.1:16.25:15.55:15.2:15.2:16.4:1
bmep Cruise12311394112115117123
Blower ratio8.84:1N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Cyl MaterialSteelSteelCast IronSteelSteelSteelSteel
Valves per cyl1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh1 Inl 1 Exh
HP max - not Take-Off420756014512590165
@ RPM2800197520502050205020252100
@ Altitude3000ftSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea LevelSea Level
HP Take-Off450NANA14512590175
@ RPM2900NANA2050205020252250
HP Cruise300NA4575% of max75% of max75% of max75% of max
Fuel Octane87787373737373
Prop DriveGearedDirectDirectDirectDirectDirectDirect
Dry Weight640lbs225lbs178lbs305lbs285lbs230lbs332lbs
lb/Cruise HP2.133.03.962.102.282.562.01
Carb(s)1x Stromberg1x Stromberg1x Link2x Stromberg2x Stromberg1x Holley1x Stromberg
IgnitionScintilla Mag(1)Scintilla Mag(2)Edison Splitdorf Mag(2)Bosch or Scintilla Mag/Battery/td>Bosch or Scintilla Mag/BatteryScintilla Mag(1)Scintilla Mag(2)
Electric StarterEclipseNANAEclipseEclipseEclipseEclipse
Ht above bed12.50"4.59"5"NANANANA
Mount Dia13.25"14"13.50"17"17"17"17.5"

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